Brand New from the Twilight Zone

Brand New from the Twilight Zone

Okay, so we have problems with things we just had vanishing from sight. We, in these incidents, can conduct an exhaustive search, often with help, to no avail. In other words, this occurs in front of witnesses on a regular basis. We have made jokes about the faeries, but I grow less skeptical as this continues. Things disappear from plain sight, and then reappear (sometimes) a few minutes later (after an exhaustive search), right back in plain sight again. I don’t know if it’s faeries or not, but clearly something is messing with us. We had a small mirror (one of a set of two) that was hanging on the wall, and it vanished. It’s never been found. *eyebrow*

A couple of nights ago, we lost the lighter we were using. Mel and I were sitting here on my bed talking, and he was staring at this one spot on the bed when the lighter reappeared on that very spot. I shit you not. I am boggled. Boggled.

I can’t believe I’ve made fewer than ten posts this year. Pathetic, isn’t it? I’m working my ass off with school right now, and am doubled up on classes til the end of the year. I’m studying algebra, and my brain is not used to dealing with math, so I can actually feel my brain trying to make connections it is not used to making. It’s a very odd sensation, sort of like trying to remember something that, for the moment, continues to elude you.

I will try to be here more in 2013, assuming the world doesn’t end in a couple of weeks. ;) Hope to see you all soon!

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  1. That is definitely the sort of thing that happens to you ;)

  2. William Brown :

    several years back I saw your red winged faery icon with the cute butt and asked you to send me a copy of the larger pic and you did, thank you now I’ve lost it and would like a new copy. could you please send me a new copy. thanks

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