Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards


I recently discovered a trend. I’m not really clear on how old it is, but I don’t much care, either. It’s a very cool idea, and I would love to trade cards with my friends, if any of you are artistic and would be interested in this. Check out the article; I don’t have time to share much. Later I’m going to do a post on spirits… and reality. Anyway, at the very least I’m thinking these would make a great substitute for holiday cards this year.

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  1. I make them. Posted a comment on LJ, don’t know if you check those. I have a lot of old ones posted in my gallery (scrapbook, whatever they call it now) on LJ, if you want to see a “portfolio.” I do not, however, have my stamps, etc., with me right now – just ATC blanks, pens, and collage fodder. Oh, and watercolor pencils.

    • I saw that, yeah. I haven’t had two seconds to reply til now. I do want to look at your gallery, but when I have more time. If I don’t forget, heh. I need to scan the ones I’ve finished and set up a gallery here, as well. I’m definitely liking this new hobby.

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