List: Weird Things I’ve Done

List: Weird Things I’ve Done

I've never claimed to be anything else. :)

This was inspired by a meme on LiveJournal, and some of those items have actually been co-opted. ;) This is stuff I’ve done (and then stuff I haven’t done), and some of it is pretty unusual. Not all of them will necessarily be surprising to those familiar with this blog.

Things I’ve Done

Some, on several occasions. :))

  • Ridden in a parade, on a float
  • Ridden in a parade, in a vehicle, while wearing a tiara
  • Firewalked
  • Deliberately fallen off a high ladder into the waiting arms of the people below me
  • Had sex with a spirit
  • Broken into my own house
  • Lost time
  • Gained time
  • Seen a huge UFO within 50 yards of me
  • Seen the sea lions in their ocean cave
  • Played basketball-catch with a dolphin
  • Visited these theme parks: Disney World, Disneyland, Epcot Center, Gatorland, Marineland, Sea World, Astroworld, King’s Island, and others with names I can’t remember, as well as a wax museum and many zoos.
  • Had astral sex with another living human (far away)
  • Had sex in public
  • Done many kinds of drugs, back in the day
  • Driven across country — at least 1200 miles — no fewer than 10 times
  • Lived in no fewer than 10 states
  • Been to King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Parks
  • Been from desert to a mountain snowstorm in one day, in late June
  • Lived within a couple hours’ journey to all of these at one time: urban, remote desert, mountains (with skiing), volcanoes, rainforest, ocean shore/beach, a number of lakes, and another country
  • Seen The Ramones in concert
  • Drank so much I blacked out
  • Sold things I created with my own hands
  • Met at least 25 different famous (living!) musicians (I haven’t counted, cuz I can never remember them all)
  • Been backstage at a big concert
  • Made homemade absinthe
  • Acquired a tattoo (or two)
  • Worked as a professional tarot reader
  • Walked on the beaches of all three American coasts
  • Developed an original idea
  • Grew up spending half my time at the docks, and riding in boats every weekend
  • Explored a cave, on foot
  • Climbed a tree
  • Shot a small rifle (and very accurately, both times)
  • Played an instrument (though not well)
  • Been published

Things I’ve Never Done

  • Bought condoms
  • Worn a thong
  • Played strip poker
  • Kissed a girl
  • Skinny-dipped
  • Sexted
  • Played on a sports team
  • I’d never lived at any one address longer than 2 years before I moved here 15 years ago
  • Had lice
  • Broken a bone
  • Won a trophy (though I’ve won awards)
  • Deliberately cut myself
  • Driven an RV (I aspire to this someday.)
  • Been to Yellowstone or Yosemite
  • Had a threesome
  • Killed an animal (not counting insects) or hit an animal with my car
  • Bought porn
  • Ridden in a helicopter
  • Been arrested or suspended from school
  • Moshed
  • Met an A-list actor
  • Met a big name politician
  • Eaten a true gourmet meal
  • Been to a big metaphysical convention
  • Learned how to use a proper camera
  • Been across the sea
  • Taken horseback riding lessons
  • Bungee jumped
  • Learned how to use a handgun
  • Driven a boat
  • Enjoyed physical violence

And now you know more about me than you ever wanted to.

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