Sheta’s Original Tarot Spreads

Sheta’s Original Tarot Spreads

It's magic!

Last week, when Laramie was here, I was giving him lessons in tarot and I wrote a couple of new spreads I thought I’d share with you, along with my gold standard, the “Extended Celtic Cross,” which developed many years ago out of my need to do more than the old standby (which I actually happen to like). I’m saving that for last.

The Blackbird Spread

First of all, I wrote this one, called “The Blackbird Spread.” Click the image for a larger, clearer version. It looks like this:

Click for larger!

Cards 8 & 6 — The issue at hand.
Cards 4 & 2 — The past of the issue.
Card 1 — The strongest influence over the issue.
Card 10 — The querant’s position in the issue.
Cards 11 & 13 — Forces opposing you
Cards 12 & 14 — Forces supporting you
Card 15 — Your challenge within this issue
Cards 3 & 5 — Future trend if events unfold naturally
Cards 7 & 9 — Alternate potential future if you meet your challenge

The Karmic Scales Spread

Yeah, take the name with a grain of salt, okay? ( :P Isha) This spread is meant to reveal hidden forces at work in your life, similar to the above but with more information. It helps you understand where you stand in a complicated issue.

Card 1 — You, the querant
Forces Opposing
Card 5 — Description of a person directing this force or providing the bulk of its power.
Card 2 — Their motives
Card 6 — A hidden benefit that this opposing force may hold for you.
Card 7 — Best way to respond to this opposition.
Forces Supporting
Card 8 — Description of a person directing this force or providing the bulk of its power.
Card 4 — Their motives
Card 9 — Something to remember, such as how this benefit may bring with it its own problems.
Card 10 — Best way to use this supportive force.
Impartial Forces
Card 3 — Your lesson (or karma) in this situation.
Card 11 — What will happen next if you ignore this lesson.
Card 12 — What will happen next if you actively seek this lesson.
Card 13 — Worst possible outcome
Card 14 — Best possible outcome
Card 15 — Most likely outcome.

The real strength of this spread comes with adding additional “clarifier” cards to the areas that need further information. First lay out the spread, read it, and add cards, one at a time, to each area that requires more illumination.

The Extended Celtic Cross

This is the spread that I use most often, because it’s second nature to me. It’s more complicated than the normal cross spread, and I utilize the cards in different ways. This is a really good spread to use to learn how to read cards in connection to one another. Begin with cards 1-12 — lay these out and read them, before spreading the rest of the cards. You can shove these cards out of the way, if you like, when starting on card 13.

Card 1 — The present situation
Card 2 — Crossing/conflicting issue in the present or immediate future.
Card 3 — General overall influence
Card 4 — Relatively distant past
Card 5 — Relatively recent past
Card 6 — Future influence or circumstances coming in.
Card 7 — The querant
Card 8 — Environmental influences that affect the querant but not necessarily the issue itself.
Card 9 — Querant’s innermost thoughts and/or feelings on the situation
Card 10 — Outcome
Cards 11 & 12 — Clarifiers for the outcome, or outcome extended

Once you’ve read these cards, lay out 13, 14, 15. Read them, then lay out the next three, etc. These are extensions of the outcome, the timeline ongoing, and each set of three is an encapsulated view of an aspect of the situation as it progresses.

Important Notes for the Extended Cross

  • Read cards 1, 2, and 8 in relation to each other. Do the same for cards 7 and 9, and for cards 6 and 10 (sometimes with card 3).
  • Read cards 13-14-15, 16-17-18, 19-20-21, then go back and read 13-16-19, 14-17-20, and 15-18-21 for further insight.
  • Watch for the direction which figures in the cards are facing in relation to other cards. This can provide insight into the position of the person or the flow of energy, within the situation itself.
  • After card 21, you can continue to lay down sets of 3 as long as the cards are still speaking to you. You will be able to feel when the reading is over. The cards either begin to feel wrong, stop making sense, or you might even reach a very firm conclusion.

Hope you like them!

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  2. I always add an “advice” card, under the location of your #6 card. Always get good info from that card :)

    *Best wishes,*


  3. Wow; very detailed and very direct-feeling in a lot of the answers you can get. I like it!
    Sarenth´s last blog post ..Devotional Poetry to Loki

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