New Newsletter: Qabalah Study Group

New Newsletter: Qabalah Study Group

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The Qabalah Study Group that met on Yahoo Messenger conference for a few weeks is being moved to a new newsletter, due to scheduling conflicts of the various members (including me). You can sign up below or in the sidebar of the blog. We’ll be kicking off this class — suitable for beginners who know little or nothing of the qabalah — in a couple of weeks, if not sooner. Basically, as soon as I find time to get a few newsletters together. Right now the welcome letter is ready to go out to new subscribers, and the first lesson will be available no later than the end of the month. We can discuss in the forums, and if we elect to, we’ll set up individual chat conferences as needed to give everyone a chance to exchange ideas. Be sure to click the confirmation link in the email you receive, to confirm your subscription.

The newsletter will include basic definitions of the tree of life and the sephiroth (spheres), how they relate to each other, and how various correspondences provide a framework within which to study those relationships. I intend to include a tongue-in-cheek “rephrasing” of Dion Fortune’s pertinent bits in The Mystical Qabalah, which is the work we’ll be studying at first. She’s rather dense and dry, and I intend to inject a bit of humor.

For questions, comment here or email Sign up with this form:

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  1. I am glad this was able to be done; my schedule has been hellacious of late, and this definitely eases things insofar as learning and getting access to information.

  2. Considering the learning curve on Fortune I’d say that’s a good idea. Also, her more archaic prose makes it somewhat difficult at times to suss out what she’s trying to say.
    Sarenth´s last blog post ..Conversation with Landvaettir

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