Understanding is a Property of Binah

Understanding is a Property of Binah

Like my brain, sometimes.

Therefore, an epiphany can often serve to show you that you need a better education. Last night, I had an epiphany that gave me a much more profound understanding of the multiverse, particularly from the point of view of a spirit. I can’t remember if I read something (which I don’t recall doing) or if it was in a dream.

Rather than trying to wrap your brain around the idea that each choice you make creates alternative realities in which you made the other choice (ad infinitum), just think for a minute of each potential choice as a position in a web of dewdrops… and you, making choices throughout your life (or considering alternatives) travel down those webs like synapses (or whatever the word is) firing along your nervous system. It makes the entire idea much more comprehensible to me. Rather than a tangle, we have order.

If I think in terms of potentials rather than linear contradictions, the multiverse makes a great deal more sense. And the whole mess would work on the tree of life. *waggle*

In any case, this is probably a very basic idea in quantum physics or something, or even something more mundane. I’m just figuring it out on my own, though. lol

A Serious Question: Does anyone have any recommendations for study materials for someone (me) who would love to repeat high school cuz NOW I’m ready to absorb all that information? I want to re-study history, sciences, psychology, maths (beginning with anything more complicated than decimals/fractions), and whatever else. I really want to learn. Thanks.

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  1. If you like imagining places far, far away, I recommend geology, geography, and landscaping. Botany and biology are also good too. ;)

  2. First I just want to make note of something from the last newsletter about auto-response. My giving up for Lent is giving up old thought patterns and retraining my brain. So the timing of that newsletter was amusing.

    Secondly, on learning, what do you want to learn? I periodically pick up books for the fun of it on all sorts of subjects and start reading. Current one in that sort of genre is The Basque History of the World. If you want physics, Feynman is supposed to be THE way to go.

  3. I know the feeling about finally being ready to learn that stuff. Education is wasted on the young. :-) I would SO love to be a perpetual student! I guess that’s what google and wikipedia are for (if you need it all NOW and don’t want to go to the library or a bookstore, anyway).

    • I know, right? By the time things get interesting, you’re burned out on school altogether. Or at least I was.

      And I do use the power of Google as well, and Wikipedia (with a grain of salt). :) I just wish I could do the formal education spiel again, without it costing me a fortune.

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