He Deserves It

He Deserves It

I wonder if this will fit.

I know chat logs are sort of a pain to read, but this one was amusing so I’m tossing it out here. I’ve been irritated with Meridjet because he’s trickling little bits of delicious contact to me and then pulling back. I suspect he’s stimulating the need for him within me, for whatever reason, probably to shift my focus his way. He had left Lisa a note that she’d been naughty and he was keeping an eye on her. We have no idea what he means. As this short log demonstrates:

Sheta I hate him. Bastard.

Lisa: *blink* Meridjet? XD

Sheta: Yes. Fuck you back, you shit. (to him) One time he showed up when I was pissed and I started cussing him, called him a bastard. He said, “Yes, I’ll make note of that, now pay attention.” And I laughed and he won. As always.

Lisa: … XD

Sheta: I hate him. *grumbles*

Lisa: I am kind of surprised this is still going on. I thought he was gonna cut out the teacher shiz.
Yeah sure you do and I have some oceanfront property in South Dakota for sale too

Sheta: Shee-it. He’d sooner cut off his own balls and eat them for dinner with some new potatoes and asparagus. I hope I made him turn green.

Lisa: that was one hell of a mental image, that. XD

Sheta: Making myself turn green now. lol

Lisa: and how would you like those cooked, ma’am? XDD

Sheta: blech

Lisa: *giggling Like. An. Idiot*

Sheta: lol Fuck him, he deserves it. I’m gonna chase him down with some rusty garden shears.

Lisa: … I probably shouldn’t be giggling, but the mental images are just too much XD

Sheta: lol maybe he saw this coming. Maybe we’re both naughty. Dare you to come stop us, M. You won’t because you’re a stubborn prick. Fuck you. I hate you.

Lisa: Meanwhile, every male in the county’s in the ‘protective’ position XD

Sheta: lol Yeah but if they protect their balls, they leave their anus vulnerable. Mwahaha. Rusty garden shears are very versatile.

Lisa: I really honest to god wish I could channel for you. . . as;lfkdja;lskdfa;lskdf

Sheta: I can be so evil.

Lisa: . . . and oh god. XDDDD “Iron Underwear for Men Sales Up One Million Percent”

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  1. I bet the next time you see him he’ll be wearing a tee with I Love Rusty Garden Shears on it. XD

  2. :o

  3. …Bwahaha! I love this.

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