A Little Christmas Enlightenment

A Little Christmas Enlightenment

Dawn sometimes has nothing on moonlight. It's the light in the darkness.

I have a New Year’s Eve superstition that I swear by. I’m sure some of you are familiar with this one: Whatever you’re doing on New Year’s eve, especially at the stroke of midnight (this includes your mood, ftr), sets the stage for the new year. Basically, however you spend New Year’s eve, that’s what the next year will focus on. So make it good. Now, my theory for 2011 is this:

2011 will be a year of creation and beginnings, after 2010 was a year of destruction, tearing away, and tearing down.

If you’re familiar with the Death card in tarot, it represents the tilling of the fields, the burning of the forest, and other destructive forces that are necessary for new growth to begin. That’s 2010. Almost everyone I know has suffered loss, theft, ends of relationships or jobs, deaths in the family, and so forth.

2011 is perhaps an Ace, or in the Major Arcana, the Magician. It’s clearly the beginning of something. I’ve had moments in which the New Year has felt monumental. I’ve only experienced this once before, in 1994, and that turned out to be the year I met Meridjet. I hesitate to buy into the perception unless it gets stronger, because I’ve felt that before and made it out to be more than it was. But it definitely has its moments. On the other hand, I haven’t felt even remotely Christmasy (our family celebrates a secular Christmas). Usually I’m all about touring the lights and all sorts of shit, but not this year. I didn’t put up a tree, either.

Be sure to let me know if this theory holds true for you. :) Meanwhile, some humor: My friend Mel is chatting on me on Yahoo, but he’s using the web interface. It started randomly spitting out these things as I typed:

  • “Prepare to be enlightened by Shetakaey.” This one caught him by surprise and I’d never heard of it, so it was hilarious.
  • “Shetakaey is typing something utterly brilliant.”
  • “Shetakaey is in the zone, preparing for an ‘aha’ moment.”

Most amusing. :))

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  1. Well, crap. I’m going to be working, like usual.

    • Well, do what you can when you can, consciously choosing the setup for your new year. :) Maybe just write something inspiring to read around midnight, to remind you of how you’d like to focus on 2011.

  2. I used to always WANT to work New Year’s Eve – I felt it ensured I would have a job through the next year! :-) this year, however, I spent it with my family in dallas and for the first time had zero issues with any of them!!

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