Eat Me! Sauteed or Barbecued

Eat Me! Sauteed or Barbecued

Is it a stretch to want to appropriate this song for something raunchy?

I’ve had this bit from Addams Family Values stuck in my head for three days. It makes me giggle a lot more in my head than it did it the movie. ;) This little ditty is from the summer camp play on the first Thanksgiving. :D

Eat us, hey, it’s Thanksgiving day
Eat us, we make a nice buffet
We lost the race with Farmer Ed
Eat us ’cause we’re good and dead
White man or red man
From East, North, or South
Chop off our legs
And put ‘em in your mouth
Eat me
Sauteed or barbecued
Eat me
We once were pets, but now we’re food
We won’t stay fresh for very long
So eat us before we finish this song
Eat us before we finish this song!

Obviously, I’ve been working on the blog. I’m trying to find the balance between personal and business. Let me know if I fumble, eh?

Nothing much going on here other than holiday prep and associated social engagements. I’ll be around soon. I have some theories about the new year.

Oh, and — go here and pick some more topics. When it’s full (or full except for X, maybe), I’ll either draw a letter each time or do ‘em in alphabetical order. Feel free to vote on that. ;)

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  1. If there are any holes, I will fill them in! :D (I hope you like my choice for x. :) )

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