The Rooster’s Out of the Bag

The Rooster’s Out of the Bag

I got your 'secret identity' right here.

Due to excessive speculation in recent months regarding the “true identity” of my spirit companion, I’ve decided to finally, at long last, spill the beans, come clean, expose the skeletons and air the dirty laundry. The identity of my spirit companion is . . .

***fanfare*** . . . John Holmes*. That’s right, folks, I can’t hide it anymore, it’s killing me, I absolutely must confess! Well, first, see, it was a horse, a big Black Stallion (no doubt because of my fascination with horses as a child). Yes, The Black Stallion appeared to me, and while I loved how well he was hung I’m not into horses. So he turned into John Holmes, who is world-renowned for his enormous rooster cock. Mmm Mmmm gooood!

I know he died of AIDS and shit, but he’s sorry now, and he has repented of his former sinful ways as an international porn star. So cut him some slack! It hurts when you pull like that! Ow!

Let it be known that regardless of whose image(s) I may use to serve as Meridjet’s models, or whom you think I might be using, I do not and never will entertain rumors on this blog or in any public setting. My spirit companion’s name is Meridjet, and even other spirits call him that. Who he was, whether known or unknown, in any previous lifetime, is irrelevant. This is all the acknowledgment you will ever get, and it’s all you should require. I use images of other people when specific images look similar (those images come from more than one source and show more than one model), because I can’t draw worth a shit without an image for reference. Meridjet can’t really supply photos of himself. (And yes, I know my art is not that skilled, but you don’t have to look at it. I won’t twist your arm.)

Anyway, I couldn’t resist the opportunity for a good joke at their expense.

* Not really.

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  1. *falls down laughing*

    Somehow I find the image pending image on this post very amusing and fitting as well.

  2. Awesome. ^_^

  3. o_o……..what speculation? Where? Why? Especially the why? *is confused*

  4. :o …….Wow. That person is rude. :o Why is one little picture such a big deal? o_o

    • He’s a troll, is all. He left another comment telling me I was bonkers, and to “enjoy your death.” He also covered his tracks pretty well. He probably landed here from some other rumormonger’s forum post somewhere.

  5. But you’re not bonkers. You’re more sane than a LOT of people out there. (especially that troll) :)
    Why would he say “enjoy your death.”? That seems extra extra rude. :o

  6. Burnmyeyes75 :

    Ugh.. I’m so sick of ignorant, close minded people who know nothing about this subject spewing their hateful ignorance.
    Sorry you’ve had to deal with it once again from this jerk.

  7. WIN.

  8. I love your response to this thing. It sounds like the average low-level idiot with issues is being itself by vomiting at you and hoping to get you dirty.

  9. You go, girlfriend! The real identity of my spirit companion is Jamie Gillis! ;-)

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