Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010

It's a haunted house. And it has ghosties in it. And monsters. And other scary things. Probably cockroaches.

You can see the entire album of Halloween photos here on my Facebook photos page.

I spent three solid weeks getting things made and the decor set up, working from the time I got up until 1 or 2 in the morning every day. For that length of time, it should look better, but there we are. I worked a month or more if you count the shopping. I still managed to lose a few items, and I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had planned. I didn’t have time to make bats, or shrunken heads, or little ghostlings. Maybe next year.

As Halloween and the date (30th) of my little party approached, I grew weary of the general lack of enthusiasm (Kara & Christina) and lack of help. The day before the party, we were supposed to carve pumpkins. Christina wasn’t into it, and instead went to lie down in the living room. I’d have cleaned house and waited for her to feel better, but I couldn’t clean while she was lying down. So I went out to carve pumpkins with Kara. Kara sat there for two hours bitching about her work and getting frustrated, making me very tense. Eventually, Christina joined us for a bit before wandering off again. But I was still facing cleaning the house and finishing various last minute tasks, with less than a day to go. I had reached the limit of my optimism because the job was insurmountable.

So I finally succumbed, after 3.5 months of playing stable support person, to my own depression. I went and lay down in my bed and just. . . sank. I lay there for about an hour. They both came in trying to make me feel better but it wasn’t until they jumped in to help clean that I managed to drag myself up and get back to work. We got enough done that I wasn’t going to panic if someone needed to use the bathroom, and went to bed. The next day we wrapped up the rest of it, and then I got my costume on.

People started to arrive around 6:15 or so. I say this as if I had a houseful. It was just me, Kara, her friend Ryan, Susan and Tim, Luther (Susan’s brother) and his girlfriend Teresa, and Leneese — a friend I met through Tina. Susan brought the food — sausage rolls, spicy shrimp with pineapple, and Rice Krispie treats. Leneese brought cupcakes made by her son, who’s in gourmet cooking school. Luther brought me a bottle of Malibu rum and a 12-pack of Coke, so we all drank rum & coke, except Susan, who had wine she brought with her.

Leneese was dressed as a witch, as is her tradition (like mine). Susan came as a nun and her husband came as the Pope. We laughed our asses off at his various Pope lines. His costume was completed by a pink fairy wand that lit up and went “brrriiiiiing” when he pushed a button; this added to the humor. He’s a very funny man. He was here a couple of hours, I guess, then he and Luther and Teresa went home. Christina wasn’t outside very much and I wasn’t able to talk her into dressing up. I was going to make her into a mummy. :( *is sad* Kara was dressed as an old time detective, with a fedora, trenchcoat, and so forth. She handcuffed Christina for a bit, so technically Christina came as her prisoner. ;) Tina wasn’t able to attend the party, as she and her husband went out of town for the weekend.

After the men left, it was just me, Susan and Leneese. We stayed outside til about 11:30, laughing and talking and being silly. As part of the decor, I’d hung a fall-colors Green Man mask I’d made. Leneese admired it so I “autographed” it and gave it to her. Everyone went home around 11:30, which was just about perfect. I still had time to cocoon in my room before going to bed. Leneese forgot her mask. :))

The next night, Tina came by and tried to talk me into going out to a couple of bars, but I was exhausted and begged off. I didn’t get to sleep, though, til so late it was early, and I woke up at 7 a.m. with kidney stone pain. This is something I’m quite familiar with, having had surgery for them in 2005. I took a Flomax and lay back down. I lay in bed for about 3.5 hours, trying not to make any moaning sounds. ;) I found one position, stretched out as far as I could stretch while lying half on my affected side and half on my stomach, that was most comfortable. Finally, around 10:30, I fell back to sleep. When my mother called at 1 p.m., I woke up for a while, then went back to bed and slept another two hours. Kara wanted me to go to the ER, but I declined.

Meridjet news: About 6 weeks back, Meridjet told a friend of mine (Tim) that he was working on a surprise for me. I more or less forgot about it til a couple of weeks later when he stopped his usual interaction, and when I prodded him, responded that he was busy working on something. At one point about a month ago, I went over to Tina’s to hang out and to do a cleansing on her Ouija board. I took my board collection with me (I have four of them) and cleansed them as well. Leneese was there, and we all tried out the various boards, but I wasn’t able to get any response within the limits of everyone’s patience. However, something was really bugging me to get on there, so a day or two later I talked Christina into getting on the board with me. After a while, a spirit showed up and said his name was “D.” He also said I knew him. I asked him if he was a particular “D,” whose name I won’t post here, and he said yes. Then he refused to say anything else, but kept going to the sun in the corner of the board. I eventually lost patience and put the board away, writing it up as a loss.

I was very irritated about it, and restless, because I felt pulled to the board but hadn’t gotten any response — D’s human companion was someone I hadn’t spoken to in 5 years, so he had no reason to be showing up, and he certainly hadn’t had anything useful to say. I had to wrangle my frustration at the waste of time, wondering why the pull was so strong but the response hadn’t been there.

Fast forward about 2 weeks, and I check my email one morning to discover comments on my LJ and on this blog from the very same human companion — Shelia, whom I hadn’t spoken to in 5 years, as I said. Two and a half years of therapy have brought me very far in healing my past trauma and so, while I was freaking out on the more surface layers of emotion (“omg omg omg…”), I was quite calm deep within. I emailed her back, and we’ve been talking on occasion and doing some correspondence, and things are going well. I told her about D’s apparent presence on the board that night — which obviously now makes a lot more sense and seems less like a “lack of response” to my pull to the board.

Anyway, to return to Meridjet, ever since he told me that he was busy working on something, he’s been unresponsive except to tease me on occasion. Exactly three weeks before Halloween, I asked Tim to check on him again since he was ignoring me, and all he said to Tim was “check back in three weeks.” I realized that was Halloween, and expected whatever this surprise was to be unveiled that night or the next day. But nooooo. He’s still incommunicado and busy. This project of his, whatever it is, appears to involve multiple spirits. I don’t know if D and Shel reappearing are a part of it, or not. I can’t get him to tell me shit.

Last night, or rather really early this morning, I was talking to a new friend, Lisa, and Meridjet decided to chat with her. He came through fine, but when I tried to take advantage of his presence and ask him about the surprise and when it would be done, he chided me. :P Thanks so much. He said something like, “She should know I would never ignore her except as is necessary for this situation.” Joy joy.

Today, I took down the decorations (though I still need to put them back in storage) and have to bust my ass to get the magazine done tonight. Good luck. heh. Tomorrow I have a chat appointment and my mother is gonna be here, so I may have to help her outside, as well. I have at least 10 loads of laundry stacked in the walk-in closet, and my general “to do” list is so long that there are things on it I’ve long forgotten. I really should make an actual list, but it’s so overwhelming I avoid it.

Rending the Veil is going on hiatus for a year after this new issue is up. I have writing to do that can’t keep getting pushed aside. Every time I feel like I’m making progress on something, the universe throws a monkey wrench into my life and derails everything. . . like in July when Kara started having all those panic attacks, which is still an issue at times. I did finally make her an appointment with a doctor, which is coming up on the 22nd. I honestly don’t know how people hold down a full-time job (often with significant overtime), have a family, maintain a home inside and out, have lives (optional, ha ha), sleep, do their errands, make their phone calls, and so on. I am constantly overwhelmed and I don’t have a “real job.”

This post is long enough. Check out the photos. Talk to you soon!

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  1. I think the decorations look good. Knowing from experience withjuggling family and everything….unfortunatly its the family that suffers and ones spiritual life as well. Sometimes I feel society expects to much and truly prioritizes (sp?) the wrong things completley. Pardon my spelling. I hope you recieve the surprise soon….I’m curious as well, lol.

    • I agree with you. I think it’s one reason I can’t hold a job. The stress makes me ill. Just having more than one appointment in a week sometimes stresses me out. It’s pathetic. ;)

      Thank you!

  2. I like the deco! It´s so cool, one can see the work you invested into it.
    I agree with twilight´s opinion.
    After taking the time to contemplate about society and life in general, I have to add if everything would always go the way we wanted it wouldn´t life be incredibly dull?
    Just imagine a what if scenario.
    Without those various challenges ( in whatever form , house holding and family management or trying to fit in or whatever… ) there would be no growth at all.
    Overcoming these hurdles, making decisions, living our lives how we do it,
    makes us not only the person we are now but it can open up new ways and perspectives we would have otherwise never found.
    People tend to always concentrate on the negative things only, I´m the same , If something is exceptionally hard to deal with I tend to get depressed roll into a ball and hide somewhere, Azael told me that I´m pathetic ~ lol ~, but he´s right, in such a situation simply try to see the good things you have in your life.
    There are more than you think, plus trying to find them pulls you out of depression because it gives you something else to do than wallow in self pity.

    Tell Meridjet from me to work faster ;-) , I´m curious now too, about what his surprise for you is about.
    Though it´s probably nothing for us to stick our noses in because it´s personal for you!

  3. Yes, life would be dull! Challenges do help to shape us for better or worse. It’s not easy to always be positive….this is something I struggle with as well, especially when I’m depressed. I am grateful for the life I’ve lived so far, it’s helped shaped me to who I am today, and I wouldn’t change that. Though I think a vacation would be most excellent……. ;p

  4. I agree with Shichibaku. :)
    I love the pics! XD

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