Addressing Certain Rumors, and News

Addressing Certain Rumors, and News

Normally, I wouldn't bother responding, but my friend (who's psychic) advised me to. So here goes...

Before I get to the news of lately, I want to clear up a certain rumor that is making the rounds in certain circles. Evidently, there is a lady I know who is harboring anger at me and is spreading rumors that I am a fake. While this is not something that particularly bothers me in general, I’ve been told that it’s best to set the record straight for those interested in the other side of the story. I am not clear on details beyond the fact that this person presents “evidence” that I am fake and that there are tentative (at last update) plans to set up a vaguely worded smear page on some website or other.

In response to this extremely generic rumor, I’d like to say: I think my work and my story speaks for itself. If you’ve taken the time to educate yourself on the history and work of the object of your ire, you certainly must at least wonder if there’s not something real going on here. And if you have questions that you’d like to address to me directly, you have several options:

  1. Email me at
  2. Leave a comment at this blog or in the forums. There’s even a private forum if you log in first, but you may not want to do that if you’re hiding who you are.
  3. Add me to your Yahoo Messenger (username: shetakaey). I’m signed in whenever I’m online (even if I’m not at my desk), but I’m almost always invisible. Tap me anyway. Let me know what it’s about when you add me.
  4. Add me to your Google Talk (username:

One thing I’m invariably told by new people who approach me in chat is that I’m surprisingly easy to talk to, and that they’d been afraid to talk to me before. So while I’m not saying you’re afraid, heh, I am saying that I am easy to talk to and perhaps that makes it easier to approach me. I’ll do my best to answer whatever questions you have, as long as it doesn’t come within my paid services (in other words, as long as I’m not instructing you on spirit contact or channeling for you). If that’s not enough, we’ll figure it out together from there.

And so, in other news, Christina spent a week in the hospital for bipolar issues and I’ve been running around with that (she was here at the time). I’m trying to get it together for the next issue of Rending the Veil, and I’m having some people over for Halloween (the 30th, though) and so I have an excuse to decorate…. stand back! I’m going to use Duct Tape! It’s busy here. No word on why it’s taking so freaking long to archive my Paranormal Noise interview, but I do have permission to post the mp3 here when it finally gets done.

I wish I had more for you tonight, especially after such a long absence, but I’m exhausted, so anything more Meridjet-oriented will have to wait. Hopefully I’ll be back very soon. Y’all take care. :)

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  1. Don´t worry about it too much Sheta.
    Such people always exist, it´s probably just jealousy .
    First your appearance in paranormal states then the radio interview, so there are always people who want a bite from it one way or another. (Is this how you say it? Ah well I hope you understand me anyway. ;-) )

    Though I have to add it´s very fair from you to address this person directly and give her a chance to explain or to negotiate.
    That´s our Sheta as we know her! And like… :-)

    I hope your daughter is well again!
    And don´t overwork yourself too much, you help no one if you get ill!

    ~ Shichibaku

    • Yeah, normally this type of rumor wouldn’t even invite a response, but I was advised to state my case. Everyone who knows me already knows that I welcome questions, anytime. But some of the people checking me out (at least a little) in response to hearing such a rumor might not realize that.

      “bite from it” is close. “Bite of it.” :)

      Thanks so much for your kind words. Things are going okay here. I’ve been making big Halloween props today in preparation for a small party here on the 30th. Fun!

  2. There’s always going to be people who would rather be hyper critical of someone else rather than address their own issues. In all the years I’ve known you, you have never given me any reason to doubt your sincerity.

    • I appreciate that! We should talk soon, it’s been a long time and we should catch up.

      Did I ever rope you into doing a testimonial for the site, either for Meridjet or for both of us? I would really appreciate one if you have time.

      Thanks again!

  3. Personally I tend to think that if someone is a fake (i.e. Miss Cleo and her ilk) it will prove itself out without my spouting off about it. Sounds like someone with too much time on their hands and an axe to grind. Also, sometimes people are unable to disagree about someone’s beliefs or methods without feeling the need to prove the other person wrong. I don’t see much sense to this. Things are rarely black and white, they usually have multiple shades.
    I know that you and I approach the spirit world from different angles, but I would never dis you or anyone else that simply has a different approach or belief from what I do, especially not publicly. I don’t like mud slinging myself. It only leads to a lot more negative energy than I need.
    Blooming Psycho´s last blog post ..OCD and Me

    • Oh god, Miss Cleo! I haven’t heard that name in years. I’d forgotten about her. She’s definitely one of the louder fakes out there. But I think she was just an actress doing commercials for those phone lines.

      There are, I’ve discovered, a surprising number of people willing to disparage someone with very little persuasion. All they need is someone else egging them on. I’ve found people I was fond of talking behind my back many a time over the past decade, and so I know damn well that anyone with a little resentment and the right encouragement will be only too happy to talk bullshit. It’s also interesting how much a “disgruntled ex-friend” or even a disgruntled current one can view the same qualities of mine they once admired (that even led them to really important milestones or discoveries), with a newly-minted contempt or anger. As if they can selectively invalidate things because they’re unhappy with me. I see that a lot in ex friends.

      We do have different angles, you and I, but there is overlap. And while I may disagree with various perspectives and so on, I always strive to keep my arguments focused on the data or the conversation, and not on the person themselves. Personal attacks are not really my style. I always, more than anything, try to never say behind someone’s back what I’m not also willing to say to their face (and usually have). It keeps me in line, and if I do talk about someone and it gets back to them, it’s nothing they haven’t already heard from me personally.

      Ethics are a bitch to honor, sometimes, but I think I do better every year. I’m acutely conscious of them all the time. It astounds me how malice is so easily embraced and displayed by people, even strangers. They must be very unhappy people. I think this has been the most profoundly disillusioned year of my life.

  4. The ignorant think themselves masters because they are ignorant of their own ignorance, while the masters consider themselves ignorant because they are knowledgeable of their own ignorance.

    Anyone who would scare up this much fuss over it is not worth giving the time of day. And anyone who would believe such rumors without first attempting to get the facts prove that they don’t even know the season.

    I am not in those certain circles. And even if I were, I’m still skeptical enough to think that I’m a fake. But I know that Gremlins will be Gremlins and even acknowledging their existence encourages more such behavior.

    • Yeah, you might have noticed my lack of an emotional response. The only reason I posted in the first place is to invite discourse, and because of reports that doing so would help keep things negotiable. Honestly, I expect this will happen often enough that it’s not worth even noticing. Back in the day, it might have upset me. Not anymore. I’ve been through way worse than they can do.

      I agree with your assessment of ignorance. ;)

  5. I suck at discourse but I’ll add my 2 cents anyway: Real friends don’t talk behind your back and don’t abandon you for petty reasons.

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