Getting Rid of Unwanted Spirits

Getting Rid of Unwanted Spirits

While many people I meet are interested in finding a spirit companion or enhancing their contact with a current one, I also occasionally meet someone who wants to get rid of a spirit. Sometimes, they have a haunting or feel they are under some sort of psychic attack from unwanted spirit visitors. Other times, it’s more complicated — they want to “break up” with a spirit companion and go on with their lives. This is not to imply that those of us with companions need to “get a life” or get on with our lives. But sometimes, for whatever reason, people just want to say goodbye.

Short form:

  • If you have a haunting, banish and set wards.
  • If you have a Neg or other nuisance spirit, ignore it.
  • If you want to break up with a once-beloved spirit companion, release it.


A haunting is usually not a big deal. Noises, footsteps, occasional sightings, things out of place — these characterize a typical haunting and usually have nothing whatsoever to do with the home’s current occupants. Typically, these ghosts are the spirits of people who died during their residence (even if they died in a hospital from natural causes). They’re no big deal and are only a problem if the current residents are easily freaked out. If this is a case or you otherwise need to cleanse your house, perform the following actions.

1. Buy or gather —
A. One sage (or sage mixture) smudge stick. This is a bundle of herbs tied together with string. You can find them at any metaphysical shop.
B. A long-handled lighter like you use on a grill.
C. Something you can set the lighted smudge stick in — This item cannot be glass. Glass will shatter under high heat. Use ceramic or an abalone shell.

Print —
This ritual. Don’t argue. I know it looks strange. It works.

Perform —
Make sure you have the house to yourself (except for others who wish to participate) and won’t be interrupted for about 30 minutes. It may not take that long, but it’s good to be sure. Gather in a room close to the front door; it should be a comfortable area with room to move around. Hold the smudge stick by the rounded end and light the other end. It’ll flame. Let the flames die down on their own. If it doesn’t seem to be smoking, light it again. Once it’s smoking a bit, set it into your dish and turn to face east (or as near east as you can).

Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual you printed out. It says to vibrate the words; vibrate means, essentially, to sing them. Doesn’t matter how. Just follow your instincts. The ritual takes about 2 minutes, tops. You can make it five or so if this is your first time. You can hold the paper while you do the ritual, for ease of reading. The ritual is hermetic in nature, uses Hebrew and an invocation of archangels. Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable with angels; neither was I. It doesn’t matter. Angels transcend any definitions people give them, so if you grew up Christian and feel uneasy with Christian overtones, maybe it’ll help to know that this ritual descends from the Order of the Golden Dawn. Its roots are Qabalistic. But for you Christians, maybe the Hebrew will help, or maybe if you know this ritual does invoke archangels. ;) Moving on. . .

Take your lit smudge stick by the rounded end, and carry it and your lighter with you. Walk to your front door. Make sure the stick is burning, then trace (without touching) the edges of the door frame, including along the floor. In the center of the rectangle you just made, trace a symbol that holds power for you. A cross, a Celtic cross, a pentagram, whatever. Draw this symbol in the air and then “stab” it with your smudge stick. While you are doing all this tracing, speak aloud. You want to say something along the lines of “All unwanted energies are banished and we invite only positive forces here.” Blah blah blah. Then as you stab the symbol you drew, visualize that symbol “charged,” and then visualize it moving forward to guard and protect your front door.

In your foyer or entry way, move in a circle and smudge every “between” place in the room. Whether you move deosil (clockwise) or widdershins (counterclockwise) depends on whether you wish to focus on banishing (widdershins) or on inviting positive energies (deosil). Between places are any spot that’s between one place and another. This includes doorways (even ones from one room to another or into a closet), windows, mirrors, stairways, and attic trap doors. If you have other highly reflective surfaces in your house, you might do those, too. Repeat the tracing of the entire opening, the symbol, the “stabbing,” and the blessing at every between place. Then go to the next room, and repeat (you don’t have to do the ritual again). Smudge every room in your home, including the basement, attic, and garage. When you reach your starting point again, perform the LBRP one more time to close the ritual.

As an aside, it’s also really good for house cleansing to open windows now and then. If you have heavy curtains that you keep closed, opening them for a day can help. Lots of spirits prefer dark, stuffy homes. If you have a lot of clutter (like I do), you’ve probably noticed how much better your house feels after being cleaned. Metaphysical energies can’t move well in messy places, or at least not the positive ones. If your life is in a rut, try redoing your home or rearranging things. It helps break stagnant energies apart.


A “Neg” (in my parlance) is a spirit that feeds on negative energies. If you or someone you live with is often angry, depressed, over-sensitive, etc., you’ve got a ripe feeding ground. People who get involved with metaphysics are like beacons on the astral — their light has “awakened” (so to speak), and it shines brightly to those who communicate via thought and emotion. If you’re someone with a close relationship to a helpful or friendly spirit, you’re doubly vulnerable. Once you’ve learned to communicate with and recognize your spirit companion(s), it’s easy pickin’s time. A Neg can very effectively mimic the spirit companion, right down to that unmistakable energy signature. And I hate to tell you, but most of the time this happens with the spirit companion’s consent or at least without his interference.

The Neg will come along randomly and sort of slide right into the role. Maybe you were talking to your SC George a minute ago, but now it’s the Neg answering you and you don’t know, because everything seems fine. Then, out of nowhere or with exquisitely bad timing, the Neg will speak up in your mind with something that cuts right to the heart of you. You’re stunned, heartbroken, and very confused. Any attempts to straighten things out by talking to the SC don’t work, because it’s the Neg, see? It’s succeeded in getting a rise out of you — oh that sweet pain, or oh that tasty anger. It’s going to keep right on going because it’s getting fed. So how do you make it shut up?

Well, the first step is realizing that, no, this is out of character for George. There’s no way George would say that. Sometimes it’s something the Neg says or does that is just too far out of line. Sometimes it’s our own trust in George that pulls our focus away from our pain and into the understanding that something fishy is going on. Either way, there’s only one way to get rid of the Neg. You can’t get angry, or hurt, or start to beg, or fight, or reason with it. It likes attention just fine, since attention is another form of energy it can feed on.

Have you ever seen a really scary movie or been in a spooky situation, with a friend or friends of yours? You talk about what happened, maybe you get into trading stories about haunted highways at night, or about the scariest part of the movie. You talk to each other, getting the creeps now, and now you mention to each other that you’re getting the creeps, and on it goes until one of you either suggests you both leave this freaky place (might be your living room, but weirdly spooky now) or cracks some joke that makes you both burst out laughing. . . and suddenly the feeling is gone. (Laughter is a great banishment.) But if you succeeded in freaking yourself and each other out, you probably ended up doing something that took your mind off the creepiness, allowing it to dissipate (until you went home alone, anyway, mwa ha ha!). Moral of this tumultuous tale: Attention to anything makes it stronger, including the general creeps.

So. How does one get rid of a Neg? By refusing to dignify its offenses with a response. Ignore it. Refuse to be goaded. If you’re tardy realizing a Neg’s been messing with you, then allow yourself to realize it with relief that it wasn’t really your SC acting that way, and release the emotional response. Yawn. Be bored with its pathetic drivel. It’ll come back a few times, to check your dedication to ignoring it, but if you persevere in your “bored now” response, it’ll eventually go find someone easier to manipulate and leave you alone. After that, attacks should come much farther apart until they only happen very rarely.

Releasing a Spirit Companion

There aren’t many requests for this, but it does happen on occasion. Someone will feel the need to get on with the next chapter of their life, and will feel that the spirit companion (or spirit guide) they’ve been with is no longer a boon to them on their new path. If that happens, and you’re positive that you will not regret your actions, you can release the SC from his commitment to you. That commitment might include anything from a romantic partnership to a working relationship a la Meridjet and me, but you can’t be sure you are aware of the full spectrum of the SC’s commitment, so it’s best not to specify if you really want to be rid of him.

Once you’re sure you’re done with this spirit and really don’t want him around, it’s as simple as addressing him aloud, and directly: “George, I release you from your commitment(s) to me, and ask that you release me from mine to you.” That’s it. But you have to mean it. And once you do this, if you really meant it, he’ll go away. Don’t go seeking him out again after that, because it would be really rude to do that, but you shouldn’t be bothered with his presence in the future. If you feel him around once in a blue moon, chalk it up to him checking on you and let it go. If you feel he’s not going away, then in my opinion it’s time to ask yourself what his agenda is, and banish him.

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  1. about the rss comment: never apologize for posting content to your blog. Content is GOOD. Especially content which has a broader appeal. Bring in new people.

  2. null I think this information is always good to put out there. Even for some of us that had to learn the hard way.

  3. I am happy you wrote this, and gave instructions on how to separate with peace from one’s SC. Sometimes you just need to let go, and its better to have the information out there than not.

    The part that always bothered me about a lot of blogs, practitioners, etc. is that they would say “these entities are out there” but wouldn’t tell you at all how to handle them. I think that, given the nature of this blog, its appropriate and needed for people to know how to banish spirits that aren’t companions, but energetic hanger-ons. Good on you! ^_^

    • It’s long overdue. It didn’t occur to me until recently that I should do a post on unwanted spirits. This site is so much about how to work with spirits that it wasn’t something that I considered writing about. But now that it’s done, I’m surprised I didn’t do it before. It’s good information for general audiences, in particular.

  4. I believe I have an unwanted spirit that consumes my life daily and follows me everywhere I go. I know this sounds crazy, but I really don’t know what to do. What do you suggest? I would really appreciated a response as I think I am going crazy and can’t truly mention this to anyone. HELP!

  5. I have a situation I’d like some advice on. Can I e-mail you and if so what’s the address?

  6. Hello, I purchased a haunted item out of curiosity last week . It came in the mail today but I was researching a lot about how spells can backfire (the item I purchased was a haunted money and beauty spell bracelet) I did a lot of research and don’t want to mess with this. Is it best to leave it in envelope And mail it back to the witch or is it best I throw it in the ocean with gloves on. She explains it takes 48hrs of wearing it to activate

    • Hi Grace. You can return the item, if it makes you uncomfortable, but odds are you won’t get a refund. You can dispose of it in any way that feels final to you, for that matter. But if it’s just a charm or talisman or amulet or what-have-you, it isn’t going to harm anyone and so it’s not likely to backfire in any harmful way. I’d be interested to know if it works, though, if you decide to give it a try. ;)

    • Footnote: I’d also like to know where you bought it, as I like to keep track of such sites when I can. Was it an eBay thing or was there a specific website you went to?

  7. Sir or mam my brother says that he could see some damgeros man but non of us could see the man he says that the man is gona kill him and yesterday at night he seemed to be very diffrent I asked him what happen then he said go away .I realised something strange in the atmosphere then I said I am not going then he get possed and tried to kill me .i started shouting then my mom and dad came and tried to save me but he was not leaving my neck I showed him my cross locket he got back soo fast please HELP to savey brother at any cost

    • I’m sorry, but your comment is too incoherent for me to respond to, other than to say that from your description, it sounds like you’re jumping to conclusions about what’s bothering your brother. If you would like to write to me about this, please do so at, and take the time to fully explain the situation. thanks.

  8. Hi Sheta,

    Thank you for writing about how to get rid of unwanted spirits. A few people have told me that my apartment has a dark spirit in it. I have not had anyone over to pray over my home. I am hindu, but I believe in angels as well. Hindus have a lot of funny rituals that they perform to cleanse a home, but my husband is not really interested in getting anyone to perform these rituals. I am quite frustrated at his dont care attitude as I feel that this spirit is evil and draining us of everything we have, especially financially. We moved into this flat in May 2009 and in Feb 2010,I was retrenched and in the same week, my husband fell ill with a brain virus (doctors at first could not figure out what was wrong with him). My husband walked into the hospital to be admitted but ten days later had to be wheeled out as he no longer could use his legs. To this day, he still makes use of a wheelchair. To this day, I have not been able to find a job, and my husband also lost his job this year. I am at my wits end as to what to do, as we are not used to being in this kind of situation. We are very positive people, and nothing can get us down, but after hearing people praying for us and telling us that there is something evil around us, we are worried, that we will end up with nothing. Has anybody else gone through a similar situation with an evil spirit, and what did you do…What can I do? Thanks

    • Hi. Sorry I’ve been away and haven’t answered your comment until now. Is your husband actively opposed to this house blessing or is he just disinclined to locate someone? Can you locate the appropriate person to perform the blessing, if so?

      I’ve been in similar situations like this, but there is a difference as to whether this is connected to your home or whether you’re under some type of psychic attack. Have there been any unusual occurrences in the home other than your bad luck with health and your jobs? Is there anyone angry with either of you, particularly beginning around the time this all started?

      I don’t know how to respond to a Hindu, unfortunately. All of my experience with banishing evil spirits has been based in paganism and ceremonial magick. But perhaps you could call upon the angels yourself, if need be. Prayer can be very powerful. All magick is akin to prayer, or vice versa… but if your religious views are strict there isn’t much I can do. But let me know if you have any other questions.

  9. i’ve recently had experiences with energy in my house. good and bad and any advice is welcomed.

  10. Diedre Holmes :

    Hi Sheta,
    My 15 year old daughter and I just recently moved into my boyfriend’s home. On two occasions my daughter had nightmares that she saw a man and a dog with a man’s face in her room. She says they don’t try to hurt her but the manly dog tried to lick her face. As a child I always had nightmares of demons where I could see them while I was awake in the wee hours of the night. After having children, both my son and my daughter have experienced similar nightmares. In my adult life I got a better understanding of what I had dealt with as a child and why my children were going through similar terrors. I since learned that I had inherited evils passed down from my late grandmother who heavily practiced black magic. With a little education from reading books written by Dr. Rebecca Brown I learned how to pray these doorways closed, at which point the nightmares stopped. Now, some years later the nightmares have started back with my daughter and myself. Since we’ve been living in my boyfriends home, I have experienced some strange things happening from hearing a voice loud and clear call out “dad” to clearly hearing the sound of a key being turned in the front door. My boyfriend also heard these sounds on both occasions. My boyfriend has admitted that in his 9 years of residency in his home that he has also encountered some strange things. Just last night I had the second dream that an infant and a male figure were aggravating me so that I got out of bed to find a tsunami had hit my family room (all in the dream). In the same dream I was able to grab a hold of the infant ending up with a red pajama onsie in my hand with no baby inside of it. I told my boyfriend that we had to clean the house and look for signs of things planted here to find several chocolate chip cookies under the bed, which was an indicator of them being placed there. When we continued looking for items, we found things (that I don’t remember) and attempted to make a bomb fire to permanently destroy them. Everytime I would light the flame a nearby water bucket would form a mouth and blow the flame out….I woke up feeling worn out as though I had just wrestled all night long. After my boyfriend heard me praying, in my what he thought was my sleep, I began to tell him about my dream and how I kept going back to the dream every time i would open and close my eyes. Today he went and bought sage mix and frankincense oil. Please help me make sense of what we’re going through. My grandmother has been deceased for more than 10 years and I thought I had closed all the doorways that had been haunting me and my children. What do I do now?


    • Hi Diedre,

      It sounds as though your daughter is a sensitive (i.e., can pick up things “psychically”) and that she’s inherited that trait from you. However, your story is a little hard to decipher, and I have some questions. I will be emailing you directly.

  11. Hi,
    My sister-in-law recently passed. Friends have reached out to us saying that they are seeing her and that she is visiting them and providing them with information that they shouldn’t know from the past and about stuff that is happening in our lives now that nobody knows about. They’re saying that she is looking for justice and that she can’t cross over until we do a few things for her. Is this a familiar spirit or actually her? How can we tell the difference? If it is a familiar spirit, how do we get it to stop contacting our family and to “move-out” of our houses?
    STurn´s last blog post ..It’s a Wonderful Life

  12. Really good advice,
    Thank u,=].

  13. Have some questions but don’t want to get into detail here could I please email you. I saw your address in other messages but wanted to ask.

  14. Tiffany Oliver :

    Hello. My daughter who not even 2 yet is waking up in the middle of the night screaming and when I go in there to get her she holds on to me even tighter. I thought maybe she was having nightmares but its happened 3 times in a row. She’ll wake up about 3 or so and then I’ll lay her back down. She’ll wake up 2 or 3 times during the night like she’s scared. My grandmother told me that some spirits will show themselves to small children and I was just wondering how could I get the spirit to go away if that’s what it sounds like it is. My husband put some salt down because someone told him that was an old wise tell. We put it down last night and she didn’t wake up. She slept just fine. I seriously need some advice.

    Thank you,

    • Where did your husband put the salt?

      It is possible that your daughter is perceiving a spirit or spirits, but I wouldn’t look here for the answer until you’ve ruled out other possibilities by discussing it with her pediatrician. If you feel you’ve ruled out other possibilities, and the salt is working, keep using it. Make a circle around her bed or crib. It’s best if she does not see this, or see the salt, because you don’t want to frighten her at her tender age by telling her you’re chasing away ghosts or something.

      Many young children have a period or two in which they experience nightmares or even night terrors. But it is true that children often see what adults cannot (or what they’ve learned to not see). Is she talking at all? Has she said anything of note?

      I would be careful as well not to give her the idea that she can get up if she cries in the night, so be sure to lay her back down as you have been.

      Do you feel any strange “vibes” in her room or elsewhere in your home?

  15. Hi this is pretty helpful. However wo uld this help in certain cases like expirencing your bed shake? I have a friend who’s been hearing odd things in her home but just recently expirenced her bed shake. What can we do to stop this? And does the salt thing really work? I have also heard about brick dust is that more affective than salt? Plzz help

    • When did this begin? I’d like to know more about the situation. It’s hard to know what’s going on without further info. You can try salt, or iron powder (magnetic sand), but without further information it’s basically a crap-shoot. I’ve never heard anything about brick dust, though. Feel free to email me directly at or call at 281-624-9650 after 6 pm Central.

  16. The bed shaking thing caught my attention – I had that happen in the house I lived in when my SC first came to me, only a year and a half earlier, when I first moved in. That house definitely seemed haunted – I would hear things off in other rooms, the bed did the shaking thing several times, I heard footsteps, floorboards, and doors creaking… I have wondered if maybe me my SC was prepping me for contact, lol.

  17. Well, I don’t remember thumping, but it didn’t just shake gently once. the first time, I asked people the next day if there had been an earthquake, and they looked at me like I was crazy. I googled earthquakes in Oklahoma and found that they could happen, but not likely (and hadn’t). I had just moved there so I hadn’t been sure. I’d say it lasted about a minute.

    The time I was most convinced it was a ghost was when I woke up and heard footsteps going through the house. First the front door opened (though the screen door never opened), then I heard footsteps in the hall (but not in the front room first), and the person opening the cabinet doors in the hallway. Then it sounded like the water turned on in the bathroom and then the kitchen, and then nothing. I jumped up and searched the house then and no one was there, and the doors were locked. I’d had sleep paralysis during most of it, but I am positive I was awake, and I was only scared at the beginning. Once he (or she, I guess) passed my room, it felt like they were just checking on the house.

    • Hi Laura. Not logged in, so sorry for the weirdish comment. ;)

      Vibrating is, in my view, different from shaking. If the bed was vibrating, it was probably actually you vibrating — this is a common precursor to OBE.

  18. Okay, now THAT is interesting, considering the dreams I have had the last few months. Only maybe three or four of them, but the first few terrified me. I was being spun around and vibrated pretty violently in the process – I was convinced I was having a seizure, having a dream of having one, or that it was a premonition or a punishment of some sort (from my SC) for something I didn’t know I had done. The last time it wasn’t as bad – I was kind of swirling up and wanted to go higher, but couldn’t, but I still felt shaky and disoriented and scared when it was over. Maybe next time I should just try to let go more… I have issues with that.


  19. So i have used a quiji board. ever since a lady i know says me and my boyfriend have dark spirits around us and about 9 at that. i dont know if shes messing and trying to make us believe so she can gain stuff outta if or if its real. she had me throw the board away and since then my bf heard a girl whisper to him i love you and stop the car all with in a hour. we were driving and then told me that he had seen a person on fire waving at him in his mirror after he dropped me off. also the night that he heard this he dropped me off at home and his car died at the first stop sign then started again. I’m worried about all of this and what we should do because i do not want to be possessed and what not. What if its our minds making this worse or making us imagine this? please help thanks

  20. Well written I am very happy I found this, I emailed you my story I can’t wait for a response :-)

  21. hi, for the last 15 years I have struggled with nightmares that are odd. I am in an old house I used to live in and I usually feel uncomfortable in the dream about walking thru the front door. Once thru the door, a force lifts me up or pushes me. I see nothing in my dream, just “feel” it. I wake scared. when i got divorced about 3 years ago, I stopped havimg the nightmares..but, I started dating a man that is a paranormal investigator and is also a medium. During the time I dated him, I never spoke of the nightmares. when we broke up several months ago, I started having the nightmares again. Lastnights being the most terrifing. It was the same idea,can’t see but can feel a force. I was cold, and I was in my current home. But this time in my nightmare, it involved my children, pushing them into their rooms and locking the doors and I couldnt get to them. They were screaming and no matter how hard i tried to get near the doors, a force was pulling me back away. I finally woke screaming,freezing,breathless and absolutely terrified. I always believed dreams were our own conscience working thru things in our life in a different mannor. Is what is happening a spirit? a nightmare? what? Im scared and confused.

    • It sounds more like an Out of Body Experience to me, where you are running into various boundaries. Does it feel like a consciousness or an automatic thing, like perhaps an alarm in the house on the psychic level?

      • Not sure what you mean by alarm? Or boundaries? It feels very real. Like it’s happening, not that I am watching this happen to myself, like often happens in dreams.

  22. Steven Stewart :

    Hi my mothers husband past away couple weeks ago and ive had what I believe to be his ghost pester me constantly, now we didn’t really see eye to eye, something told me inside to be wary, anyhow on the day of funeral I saw the spirits of my grandparants and best friend and others rip, along with who I believed to be my mums husband, the spirits of my family were urging me to lie back on my bed with there hands gesturing which I did, they then proceeded to put there arms stretched out from each side of bed over the top of me until all I seen was a grey mist, now ive never been sensitive ever! but since that strange surreal night im being haunted I would say, my legs are being touched at night- mums husb was paralysed in his legs! First night legs touched and held, 2nd night same but could feel him breathing, just minor things but now im getting slight discomfort in back area and my chair gets shaken near all the time, as im typing this I feel the ghost right at my back, touching, ive told him-I assume_ to leave me alone, I got bit angry after a while and that made it worse, ive taken photos which clearly show a males face and a few orbs! help! unsure how to stop it! not had much sleep! x

    • The reason your anger made it worse is that you essentially fed it a whole bunch of high-voltage energy. This is what your attention to it also does: it feeds it, so it has no reason to leave. You’re providing a steady stream of food.

      I don’t think it’s your mother’s husband, but whatever it is (I just call them Negs), it may well mimic him convincingly. I think something opened up in you that day, and this thing saw an opportunity. (When you see the other side, it sees you back. You light up like a neon sign on the astral.)

      Ignore it for a week. If it’s not gone, smudge your home with sage (there is an article around here somewhere, on the site, I think) and continue ignoring, but send me an update.

      Best of luck. Sorry I’ve been away so long.

  23. Sheta,
    I have always been able see spirits but only if I am about to fall asleep (pre- REM, at least that is what I like to call it). However, I can feel their presence at any time. Sometimes, they talk to me during my pre-REM, most times I do not respond and they just go way after a few days. In any case, I am always afraid. Last night, I got up and left my room (normally, when I leave the room, I turn the door ajar only a crack or close it completely). But last night, when I came back to the room the door was wide open. I knew something was wrong right away; but with hopes I was wrong, I went back to bed and finally dozed off (lying on my side). I awake when I felt something sitting on me. I turned around to see what it was and it held one of my hands and grabbed a hold of the other (but it didn’t get a good hold) I looked up a saw a shadow. It had no face only a shadowy form of a head and a small body with hands. I do not believe it was an adult because it was about the size of a child with a small skinny body. I finally got it to release my hands and I sat up and went to turn on the light. I have a small bottle of “John the Conquer oil” on the dresser. I got up opened the door and told it to leave while making a cross on my daughter’s head as well as my own. I even started throwing splashes of it around the room and read psalms 23. I am not sure if that helped (something in the back of my mind told me to do that) because I still felt the presence in the room. While playing parts of the Bible on my tablet, I stayed up until daylight. I am positive it will happen again. I live in a small no name town, with hardly any stores. What should I do? Where can I purchase genuine items like a sage stick or frankincense ( online maybe)? I am still a little shaky. Thanks


    • You should email me directly at and meanwhile, look up how to smudge your home on this site.

      Yes, you can purchase a smudge still and frankincense (in oil or incense) online with no problem whatsoever. :) Keep an eye on local bookstores for weirdos going in and out. lol

  24. This happened after i played orjo board with my junior by the way am a college student…. we forget to sent a spirit back and now after 2-3 months after i played i feel some1 is following me i was healthy and rarely fell in diseases but lately i had food poison with typhoid,viral fever and now head ache most of the time during night times i have this bad dreams i see ghosts, dead peoples and more
    please i really need your help how can i get rid of this please please please NEED HELP :(

  25. Suryadeep :

    Are ghosts real?

  26. mary Goode :

    Hi i need information on how to get an evil spirit out of my house. i am a clairvoyant and i am always seeing spirits. but the one that has taken control of my house is very strong and very evil. he has 15 spirits trapped in the house and refussed to let them go. and i have done everything i know of to rid him. he is a jamacin voodoo man black magic hios name is jaebob and he scares me alittle. i have rid places of spirits in the past i have never come across a spirit like this one. can anyone help me.

  27. hello sheta kaey .

    Thanku for updating about neg’s and other rituals , those mentioned above . I read them , its useful . Soo , its likely that a negative entity can be at someone’s trail even if a positive entity is with them because a portal is open …. I am interested to have one spirit lover but how am i to do this safe , i din’t mean to enslave them but my only concern is i wish to not have any negative entity with me and atleast nobody wants that correct ? …. So what should i do to have a good spirit lover and keepout other unwanted negative entities ??

    • Focus on what you desire, and ignore what you don’t want. Learn to banish, and banish often. I have to ask: How old are you, and what’s your background like in terms of occult involvement prior to your venturing into the spirit companion/lover arena?

      • hello sheta ..
        1st of all , thank u for ur reply .. Iam 25 . And i have just zero knowledge in occults and i knw not an abcd of any magic. I liked this arena of companion / lover so much . This is new to me . Now may i knw one more thing that is , ” Preforming a banish ritual ” will it amount to enslaving a spirit because it involves some power over that spirit ??? I just want to knw ur opinion and i din’t mean to put any responsibility on anybody … So do not mistake my question . Waiting for ur reply


        • Have you tried looking things up online at all? If you had, you would know what “banish” means. It means to drive something away, not to enslave it. You’re thinking of binding, which is a completely diffetent thing.

          • Yes I’ve seen banishing rituals . Okay , now things are clear than b4 . XD . I used to think by learning to banish it means we’re actually disrespecting them in one ways ….May be i was wrong with my thoughts … Okay i’ll learn it by my self ..thanku for ur reply :)

  28. Hello Sheta,

    I’m convinced that I have more than one spirit in my home. I have heard a baby, a man’s voice, and then whispering… I have had things moved and tv turning off on it’s own as well as lights flickering. The most disturbing issue was when I came home from work one day and noticed a very large hand that materialized onto a micro-plush blanket that I had spread over my bed.. The hand was very large about 3 times the size of my own and it was cut off at the wrist. I have searched for meaning on what it was meant to communicate or what that message was but cannot come up with anything. I also have tape recordings of a whisper saying “hello becky” and another of a man yelling out my granddaughter’s name. I hear footsteps and banging… at times I have heard something drop. I do not wish for this spirit or spirits in my home and have asked for it to leave but it has not. I did lose my fiance about 2 months ago and thought it was him but I do not believe it is anymore. My sister has videos of orbs floating around her house on her video monitoring system, which has a silent alarm that is activated by thermal heat. Her orbs started about 5 months ago with doors slamming, and clothes being moved from one location to the next…. and the odd thing is since I have been experiencing spirits in my home for just over a month now, her orbs have disappeared. I believe maybe they followed me home. I will definitly try the smudging tip you explain above as this is becoming distressing for me as I live alone and feel mostly fear and panic. It is very unsettling to say the least. I just never know what will happen next and want some “normal” back in my home. I should also say that I have always believed in spirituality and since my fiance passsed away I had read a lot of books and information regarding life after death and our concious mind. Listened to some real life stories from people who have had near death experiences and watched many videos on scientiests trying to prove or disprove that life is eternal. Before I knew it I had become more aware of my own spirituallity and this is when this all started. I never was a true believer before but I always held the belief that I wanted it to be true about surviving after our physical death… I now have enough personal experiences that definitly say there is more going on after we pass away and leave our bodies. I just wish it wasn’t so frightening having these spirits here with me. I have no idea who they are and what they are trying to say to me or if they are teasing with me. I know I would rather them go peacefully.

    Do you have any idea on what they would want from me and how I should go about this? Any input you have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  29. Hi sheta . I’m in need of help . I did the blood ritual . In that i asked for a spirit love but now i can see that there are more than one entity . It was 2 before but now it cld be more than 2 also , i’m not 100% sure if it’s more than 2 but i started getting feeling that it’s more than 2 from yesterday . Regarding the entity that i got after the blood ritual: Now it’s inside my body i think it has fur or it’s body . It din’t talk with me or even appeared in my dreams since i came to me . I dint give it permission to let it go into my body as well . Now it is attached to my lungs area . Last night it almost came until my wind-pipe . I’ts irritating and it licks like a bat and i feel like a rat is inside my body . I can trace movements on my dress when it moves inside my body (like in that Exorcist Movie) . I ignored it since 3 days it’s now lil mischievous that it got into my body and creeping and crawling inside . I can feel it biting my lungs also sometimes . Yesterday i was chanting god’s names it came until my wind pipe … I think it has a forked tongue also . It keeps licking inside then it attaches it’s mouth to my lungs and other areas and keep sucking and licking like as if it’s sucking blood . The first day after the ritual it din’t show-up like a spiritual-lady …Now i can feel movements in my throat area . Till now it dint take show up and it’s not coming out of my body also . I dint do the banishing ritual yet I dint prepare anything before the ritual ……Pls give me ur best suggestions or any help and i would appreciate it ..I’m not able to sleep at nights for 3 dys ..Last night i got woke up with a sudden jerk in from my lungs area …I don’t think this is a spiritual lady . It’s irritating ..pls help …waiting for ur reply …Tomorrow I’m travelling out of town … i wish it wouldn’t bother me when i out … Day before yesterday while in the railway station it kept creeping towards my groin area . While im chanting god’s name again it’s disturbing me badly by licking , biting and creeping and crawling all over my body …. It’s not allowing me to concentrate , if i do not bother it it’ll either go to those areas to the groin etc again if i ignore it’ll bite my vital organs … I can feel it doing biting that’s why i get the felling of bites most of the time it gin=ves me a feeling like that a rat is crawling in my body

  30. Sheeta i need ur help . ? Plzzzzzzzzzzzz :(

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