Russian Hackers FAIL

Okay, I know that I probably shouldn’t do this, but… I can’t help myself. Not quite four weeks ago, I had someone attempt to hack into this blog. He tried 17 times to hack my password, but I guess I do okay at choosing passwords because he gave up and went away.

My magical, mad hacking skills, such as they are, tell me that he was hacking from Kiev, Ukraine. His name is Victor Nastechenko, and his email address is I have his phone number, too, but that might be an invasion of privacy. *snerk* Ahem. Anyway. People too stupid to hide who they are should not be attempting to hack into someone else’s blog, especially since most bloggers are a tad bit more tech savvy than I am. Or maybe not, I dunno. :)

Carry on. This is sleep-deprived demented Sheta, signing off.

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  1. Way to score one for the home team. Woo.

    Hacking and Identity theft and other petty thefts have become more desperate then calculated lately. It’s sad really. Such is the state of things.

  2. lol you used Jimmie Johnson for the “drawing” you did of your SC. That’s funny. And…not art at all.

    • Who’s Jimmie Johnson? I used a model for the suit, and a different model for the face. Photo manips are considered art, but in any case it’s not a manip. I used the pics as references. Sue me. :P I find it amusing that you come here and critique my art and don’t have the stones to leave your name. Well done. Very brave.

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