The Woes of Internet Marketing

“Internet Marketing” should really be a four-letter word. The, let’s face it, conquering of the Web by sound-bite sized content providers (Facebook, Twitter, et al) is enough to make a wordy person like me cringe and shudder at the prospect. I lack the profoundly well tuned time management skills to juggle umpteen social networking sites and keep readers engaged all day long. (This makes me wonder what Twitter looks like at 4 a.m.) I find it a little depressing, as well, to consider that blogging may be a thing of the past due to so many professional bloggers and buy-my-stuff blogs saturating the blogosphere.

In the past week or two, I’ve done a fair amount of research into sites offering everything from tips and tricks to “free” video tutorials that are only free if you sign up for their endless spam (pardon me, I mean newsletters, of course). Today, one of those blogs, which seem to survive solely on linking to each other’s $20 package deals, offered up a bunch of random “you really need these!” items that included a set of Web 2.0 graphics. I wasn’t about to pay the guy his $27, so I looked around via Google web search for similar items. What did I find? An enormous number of other bloggers offering the same package for anywhere from $9 on up, all with almost identical, pre-packaged, cut and paste pages. It was an awakening.

The question becomes less “How do I make the most of my personal brand” (such as it is) and more “How do I survive in this environment of cut-throat spamming practices without disillusioning my readers?” You know me well enough by now to know that selling things is not my favorite thing to do, that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t want to be associated with this mess of bloggers whose only clear goal is to pressure you into signing up for their sites and following their links to yet more sites who want you to sign up, in a never ending domino effect of rehashed content full of false promises. I do not want to be that blogger.

Is it always going to be this way? Maybe. I don’t know. The sites I’ve been reading (the ones not selling something) all point to Twitter and social media being the wave of the future, the start of something that replaces the ordinary blog or product website with full-scale interactive content along the lines of Amazon, where readers and shoppers can get up to the minute reviews and evidently interaction, rather than just find the cheapest price and buy something. I get the need for reviews, but in my opinion if there’s a need to constantly update Twitter, Facebook, delicious, technorati and so forth, it really requires a full staff dedicated to doing just that all day long. I know I certainly don’t have that kind of time — and I don’t work!

What This Means for This Blog

I brought this up, meekly, at the bottom of one of my filtered posts a few days ago: I am considering posting content from my book-in-progress here. I am considering one of the many methods of self-publishing. I am, of course, still considering traditional publishing (like, in a book, and stuff). I know I have information on spirits and spirit contact that will help an enormous number of people. I also would like to see some reward from dispensing that information. So now I’m considering offering a paid section of the site for those interested in reading it.

I know that I have good information and that I’m not seeking to rip anybody off. So why does this idea, of a paid section of the site, taste like dirt in my mouth? Why do I have such a hard time selling myself, when I am worth something? Insights would be welcome. :P I’ve also updated my “Services I Offer” page. This alone makes me feel dirty. heh.

I’m starting to hate the internet.

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  1. I gotta figure out my money situation and make sure I have enough, but I am thinking about it. Plus, since I have a habit of nudging other friends that way, I will say you should try to sell this book to a publishing house. You know enough authors in the market, so far as I can tell, that they will hopefully pass you some free advice for how to handle such things.
    But there also isn’t anything truly bad about “selling yourself” when you know you have something to offer that is worth receiving compensation.

    • Thank you, Soli. :) I trust you to read it without spreading it all over the place. lol

      I really to want to publish in an actual book. I hate relinquishing control of it, though. ha.

  2. Tell me about it! I got eaten alive by paid marketing for my first book but I’m not sure I really reach much of anybody using the free methods like Facebook and Twitter. The internet is too vast. It’s hard to really target.

    • Evidently the “forecast” for this year is that social networking is of major importance, but you have to do it in a way that doesn’t offend people who see these forums (particularly Twitter) as a “personal space.” Fun.

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