Winters Are Like Leap Years

I had to leave the house a couple of hours ago to visit the next burg about 20 minutes from here (usually, at least). When I left, I knew I was in for potential trouble. See, this is south Texas, and people here are completely ignorant of how to drive in winter weather. It was 30 degrees at 6 p.m. (I think it’s been well over a decade since that last happened), and the forecast was for snow. I put my adventurer hat on and hit the road anyway.

I’m originally from Ohio, so I know how to drive on ice and snow, including up steep hills (not to mention sliding back down them, backwards). I know what ice looks like on the road, I know how to brake on ice, and I know not to drive as if there is nothing whatsoever unusual going on. Unfortunately, Texans figure they’ll just muscle through and drive normally, i.e. 70 mph and barely slowing on curves. This means, of course, that Texas isn’t as high and mighty as it likes to believe, because driving this way is stooopid.

Between here and Deer Park (my destination), there is an enormously high bridge over the ship channel. There are a fair number of other overpasses and curved interstate exchanges, and so forth. Did people slow down? Oh hell no. So I made it my purpose to position myself so that there was a clump of traffic a quarter mile ahead of me, and another clump half a mile back, but nearby there might be one or two other vehicles, which inevitably left me behind. How fast was I going? About 55. I slowed to about 40 for the ramp to change freeways, making sure that I was well behind anyone ahead of me in case of accident. I saw one area with two cops on the side of the road, lights flashing, but I didn’t get a look at why.

I made it to Deer Park before the sleet turned to proper snow, and then I marveled. Counting all of the various times I’ve lived here, I’ve spent nearly 16 years in the Houston area and have never seen snow like this. Quarter-sized flakes in huge abundance, falling down at high speed, for snow. I fetched the item I’d gone for: a graphics card for my daughter’s computer, given by her friend who’d left it on the front porch for us when he went to church this evening – it wasn’t really an option to leave it outside for any length of time. Then I headed back.

After crossing the big bridge (which arcs impressively high) a second time and in heavier snowfall than earlier, I realized I no longer wanted to share the road with these fools, and I exited the freeway for a roundabout route to avoid the enormous comma-shaped exit ramp that rises so high all you can see is sky. (I’m not kidding.) They weren’t slowing down for this ramp, either, and I had no intention of falling 100 yards to my death just because some idiot in an SUV thought he could take the curve at 65mph. I took side roads til I got to a point where a quick jaunt on the freeway was necessary to get to my house (cue “Can’t Get There From Here”). Entering the freeway in what would probably count as white-out conditions almost anywhere, I noticed everyone was now going about 35. I wonder what changed their minds. :) I passed them at 45 and made my way home. My yard is already white and we’ll probably have a few inches by morning. This happened on Christmas Eve 4 years ago, when we got 4 inches, but besides that, I haven’t heard of snow in Houston in probably 20 years, and then it was a light dusting.

The absolute coolest part? Check this out:

A rose in winter


In my garden!

There are roses in bloom in my garden, which I haven’t seen in bloom all summer. Now they are rose blooms with snow on top. :) I will try to get more snow pics when the sun comes up. The snow is gorgeous and I love when this happens. Cold weather is nice, but then I don’t get a lot of it. ;) I liked it even when I did, though.

I made arrangements to take two Homeward Bound dogs to be neutered next Tuesday morning. They’ll be coming here Monday night in their crates, and I’ll run them to the SNAP unit at 5 a.m. I’m helping! :D I’m so glad! Right now I have to take a nap and then do tarot readings! If you’d like a tarot reading, please see this post and this post for more information. These animals need your help! Please give or at least repost the links – if a friend gives and leaves your name in the comments field of the donation form, you’ll get a free reading.

Tarot list so far

  1. Clare Dragonfly
  2. Christina R.
  3. Aydira

I’ve had two other donations that didn’t leave a name referral for a reading. You make me smile and feel a lot of hope. I hope to hear more from you all! I still haven’t covered the money spent on the vet and supplies, so if you can find a way to get another $100 donated (in bits and pieces, of course), I’ll break even and everyone can get a taste of my mad Tarot Skillz. :D

I’m fighting the flu my daughter’s had the last several days and am extremely nauseated right now. I am going to take a nap to feel a bit better before I do the readings.

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