Update on Fund Raiser

I’m having an urgent-need fund raiser for animal rescue. See this post from yesterday.
So far I have two people donating. This isn’t enough. So I am adding a referral prize. Anyone referring a friend who donates will earn a free reading. Doesn’t matter if said friend only gives $10, you still get the free reading.

TERMS: When your friend donates, they must put your name into the Comments field of the donation form. Then you will receive a free general reading and one question. If you refer two, you’ll get three questions. Each person who gives in your name will earn you two more questions. Go to the link to find the donation button (it’s in the post just prior to this one). And please, pass it on!

So even if you can’t donate, you may know someone who can, and you can both get free readings. (Friend must donate $25 or more to get a reading, but you get one any time your name is entered in the comment field of the donation form.)

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