Christian Entitlement

I was on my way to bed when I checked my email one last time. I had a couple of comments on my PeopleJam blog, so I went to check them out as I’d managed to forget all about that site over the long weekend. One person gave a comment about believing it was wrong to dabble in the occult. I was inspired to do a little rant.

Hir comment: “With all due respect I find the lack of any dissenting opinions in the comments disturbing. I as a Christian think that dabbling in the occult like this is wrong.”

My reply: “I don’t dabble. I am fully immersed in the occult, but I’m not a Christian so I don’t see the wrong in it. I am a good person; Meridjet is a good being as well. There’s a lot more to occultism (which means simply “hidden”) than the dark and scary.

“I don’t mind you stating your opinion here for the benefit of other Christian readers. But not everyone has the same belief system – or the same fears – as you do.”

You can read the ranting post here. Grr.

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  1. I had a similar thing happen that really bothered me more than I wanted it to. If you want you can read about it here.
    A lot of the time I really don’t care what these types say. But sometimes it still gets to me. sometimes it’s just fun to threaten to cast a spell on them. Not like I’d actually waste my energy, but it really does get them riled up good! ;-)

    Lilys last blog post..It’s been HOW long?

  2. @Lily: Left you a comment at your post. They irk me too. lol

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