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A Break, For a Dream

My birds were being so loud for so long that I had to take an Ativan. Sheesh. Now I have headphones on so as to gain some control over what noise I’m exposed to. It reminded me of my dream this morning. The dream seemed important so I want to make a record of it.Continue reading

Announcement of Interest

Since I’m scrambling around here posting email reminders between holiday gift-wrapping, I wanted to let my readers here know that we’ve created a Google group for readers of Rending the Veil. It’s an open discussion group, and everyone is welcome. It’ll help get everyone over the yearning for new RTV content during the hiatus (kiddingContinue reading

A Wish and A Prayer

I received an email from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, the school that also runs the Art Institute Online. I get way too many phone calls and the occasional email from these guys, and I finally got fed up. I usually ignore them, but this time I wrote Al K. back thusly: To be honest,Continue reading


I didn’t plan to post tonight (hey, it’s still dark…), but this was too intense. First of all, let me thank those who commented to my last post. I’ll answer tomorrow. I was away today, but it’s been decided that Rending the Veil will go on hiatus after the Yule issue, until I can getContinue reading