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I have a spiffy new header image up at the top of this page. It’s a gift from my friend Mats Holmgren, who has a gallery here. Bless his heart, he lets me beg free art from him on a regular basis, and is going to be illustrating a couple of joint projects in the not too distant future. A larger version of the logo is here. He’s really very good. You should check him out, and if you want to barter for your own nifty art, go to his site at Tell him Fred sent you, by way of Sheta. ;) (Inside joke.) He’s making a killing doing World of Warcraft portraits, evidently – in WoW money, anyway.

Back in the days when we did more mailing back and forth via actual post (he lives in the far north of Sweden, and mail prices aren’t what they once were), he sent me a couple of original paintings done specifically for me. One is The Red Witch, and the other is The Messenger. They hang on my bedroom wall. :)

In other news, I’m still recovering from my lactose poisoning episode. Stomach is fine now, but I’m knee deep in exhaustion and didn’t get to sleep until nearly noon yesterday. It feels like much longer than 24 hours since I fell asleep at last.

Whose idea was it to get to the end of November with it still in the 70s outside? The temperature is finally dropping again, but the inside of the house hasn’t caught up, and so we are still running the air conditioner. Every year I forget just how pathetic the “cold” time of year is here. Other places have respectable temperatures and even snowfall, and we are running around in shorts. Why am I complaining? Because I like the cold, tyvm. :P

My bird, Apple (one of two Quaker Parrots we have), has learned how to unlock the “bird proof” locks on the cage. These locks are serious shit – very long, stainless steel, shaped like a question mark and passing through two eyes and, one would think, impossible for a bird to work out of place. But he did it. He pulls the lock up one bar of the cage, grabs it with his foot, then uses his beak to work the head of the lock inside the bars of the cage. From there, it’s a simple matter to pull it out of place completely. Right now, I’ve got the locks twist-tied to the eyes, and he’s been working on the same one for about two hours now, very studiously. I figure by the time I get up today, he’ll have the locks out and the doors open, and I may have birds flying around the house. We have cats, though only one is loose inside at the moment, and the birds aren’t afraid of them cuz they figure they’re scarier than any old cat. I’ve found the cage doors (these are food doors, by the way) open twice now, but the birds haven’t taken their leave of the cage, and they’re pretty good at getting back inside when I ask them to.

Now Apple is frustrated (finally!) and bitching at me. Ha ha. Too bad, you evil little shit. :)

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  1. I have another gift for you! Humbly I offer an Inde Sapien Choice Award, for for the “freakiest” blog EVAH. Please visit to accept a copy of the Award image.

    I give thanks for you!

  2. @Cally: You are vewwy sweet. :x

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