Friday is a Black Nothing Day

Okay, so I’m not exactly demonstrating the razor-sharp wit today. That could be because I had two hours sleep before going to my mother’s for Thanksgiving dinner, and since then I have slept only one more hour. I made the mistake of eating mashed potatoes with lactose-icky milk in them and I’ve been sick for the last twelve hours. I can’t lie down because I fill up with gas and have to get up and walk around to bring it up. I tried to sleep, managed the one hour before gas forced its way up and I refluxed napalm. Oh joy.

I won’t be going shopping today. I’m flat broke. It’s probably safer for everyone else not to have to contend with a sleep deprived Sheta, anyway.

I had many glimpses into Meridjet’s day as well. He seemed to be in share mode. More on that later, maybe.

I officially hate Microsoft Word. I lost over 100 pages of edits in the book I’ve been editing, because Word went into overload and I had to break the document up into sections. When I pasted the other sections, I lost the edits. Can we say, OMFG I would cry if I had the energy? I thought we could. This really puts me behind for the rest of the year, trying to move Rending the Veil and now having to redo edits starting from like, page 30. I will be seeking advice from Taylor & Lupa on how to prevent this issue from recurring, but you feel free to pitch in in comments if you have any idea how to keep Word from suddenly blanking out the document in an eternal “nope, not loading,” hang. :(( My current version is Word 2002, 10.2sevenmorenumbers. Not sure if I can get a copy of a more recent version. I am so pissed.

I’ll get to comments from yesterday after I’ve slept many hours.

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