Updates – A Waste of Time?

I’ve been working my ass off on the blog, which is probably very naughty of me since I need to be working on moving Rending the Veil. However, I am justifying this indulgence with the rationale that I’m familiarizing myself with the CMS, of which this blog layout is a facet. With all the code adjustments I’m putting into this site, the general knowledge of this programmer’s style has got to have a positive effect on the move.

I’ve updated two pages that had very old content – the Meridjet’s Contact With Other Spirits page and the Meridjet’s Contact With Other Humans page. They’re in much better shape now, information all current and shiny. Woo hoo. Now I am going to bed, because I am bushed. I hope you all are doing well. Consider checking out my survey post, where I ask you questions and you answer them. I have needz of infoz, pleeze.

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  1. Cool, I really like the updates that you made to those pages. Very interesting. I love dream visits.

    Jared likes to make friends with other SCs too. It seems like when I get to know someone it’s only a matter of time before he’s hanging out with their SC and/or meeting the person himself.

  2. @aydira: Thanks! I love when he dreamwalks. :)

    These two should get to know each other better!

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