Unexpected Bliss

After my unexpected channel of Meridjet earlier this evening, I found myself in a late night chat with my friend Tim. He did some mediating between Meridjet and me at our other-house, since I’ve been having issues with clarity and a month-long bout of fatigue. No, this is not something that just anyone can do, and no, it doesn’t always go smoothly, but if you discard the filters, the message is clear enough. When someone is truly channeling him, I can feel his energy by proxy in a very discernible way. Tim’s the only one to ever set me to blissing via a third-party channel, and though the coloration of Meridjet’s “voice” via Tim is unusual, it was clearly Meridjet providing the content.

I’m going to post a few bits that demonstrate how this sort of mediation works, edited for brevity, and also to show how I babble when I start blissing out:

Sheta: Feel like talking to him, there? Relay what he says, and I will help listen. He looks concerned, or sad. I feel so 12 next to him when he’s like this. He is miles ahead of me… and somehow when he’s like this, it’s very clear to me. I feel it. I have nothing worthy of penetrating his cocoon. This mood, ftr, is very rare. Maybe I’ve been feeling him all night. I feel this huge hunger for him, his energy, the bond.

Sheta: I’m sorry

Meridjet, via Tim: Don’t be. I’ve not been around as much as I’d have liked; other things to attend to.

Sheta: I’m sorry I’ve had so much trouble finding my stride this time. I can’t seem to focus. I’m wasting so much time.

Meridjet via Tim: Are you getting where you need to when you do focus?

Sheta: What I need is not a “where.” I need you, silly. So much. I can feel it there, and here.

Meridjet via Tim: And I you. You have me, and you’ll continue to. Don’t doubt that. Do not think yourself weak or inept just because I’m working with someone to contact you. Things have happened that you are still working through, things in your life are slowly falling into place; you can’t be expected to be perfect when you’re going through so much growth. Even I’m not perfect, no matter how much people might say. [This last would typically be tongue-in-cheek, as he enjoys preening for the amusement of others and himself.]

Sheta: lol you are to me. You are for me. I know you’re not perfect. I just forgive your faults and mistakes instantly, every time. I can’t hold them against you. … I haven’t felt this in a very long time. Oh my god. Kara’s sitting right beside me and I’m trying to be quiet, but my nose is running and I’m crying, it hurts and it’s wonderful waves of love and bliss and gratitude. You infected me. I should’ve seen it coming. It’s been a long time.

[Then, he shows up in my line of sight here, and I’m startled.]

Sheta: Oh I had forgotten how you used to be here, in front of me while I typed, taking up space that’s already full of desk and keyboard and knees… it’s been since before Jesi lived here. How could I forget that? … You are so fucking beautiful. Oh my god I don’t deserve this. Oh jesus christ.

…There’s this intense full-circle thing right now, with the music that is on. This is the music I listened to most when I was first awakening, and the feelings of need and searching were new. And here I am, 25 years later, and oh my god I never saw any of this coming. I am so profoundly blessed.

…I trust you more than I trust anything in existence, including myself, including god, including life, death, and taxes… even though I often don’t trust myself that you’re real, I trust YOU for everything. Without question. … Whatever I have to give, is yours. You know that you can have everything, sweat, blood, all of it. Only you can take me through the scary bits.

Then, since I continue to have issues with my focus and my phasewalking, Tim and Meridjet work on me.

Sheta: I am still not reaching very well. What’s blocking me? I can’t tell. I can’t stay focused anymore.

Meridjet via Tim: If you wish, Tim can take a look at you.

Sheta: Whatever, it’s fine with me if you think it’ll help. I can hear you whispering to me at home.

Tim: Sheta? I know it seems odd, but it seems like something’s up with your third eye chakra/ energy center/ whatever-you-call-it, and that there is something slowing down processing lines from throat and crown.

Sheta [after a few moments]: I haven’t had pain there in a long damn time. It’s throbbing now.

Tim: Seems like there’s a traffic backup or blockage. I’ve seen this caused by stress, psychic attack, internal sabotage and a moving away from psychic work/ abilities/ spirituality then diving right back in. Like fasting but not coming out of it right.

Sheta: I’m guessing b or d, or both. Just a guess. … I’m getting him much clearer atm. I get his skin, the lighting, but I keep shifting from first person view to third. … I’ve done this sort of re-start at least three times with him before, but we were in semi-regular contact this time so I don’t see this happening from misuse alone. I seem to attract ex-friends’ vitriol.

Sheta: Why is there constantly a voice in my mind that’s analyzing and questioning everything that happens? I mean, it can be handy, but I’d like to make it stfu sometimes.

Meridjet via Tim: I understand what you mean. Tim’s going through that right now. I wish you both would stop it some days… on others I’m infinitely grateful for it.

Sheta: So what have you been thinking about, all by yourself in here?

Meridjet via Tim: …About you, wondering when you’d finally come around to your realizations and epiphanies, like the ones tonight. Now I worry about how much you may doubt yourself in the times ahead.

Sheta: This is the strangest night. So much pain mixed with so much …good stuff, hope, love, gratitude, bliss. It’s hard to sort it out.

I cut out the vast majority of what Meridjet had to say and anything that wasn’t geared toward emotional responses in me, making it a rather bumpy tale but much shorter. Ha. One of the most interesting things for me was when Tim described the sensation of channeling Meridjet. His description was very unusual, and indicated for me that Meridjet has let Tim closer to his own mind or “skin” than he’s let anyone in the past, as far as I know. Many people have felt Meridjet use their hands or what have you, but no one had ever reported experiencing things from Meridjet’s point of view in the way that Tim described them. Other than me, of course. Food for thought. It’s almost an endorsement from Meridjet.

And now I will go to bed and snore a lot. Good night!

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