Dragons Get Around

My daughter has me hooked on Dragon Cave and hovering over egg drops all day. I posted a table layout of all my dragons on my magick site, Living with Magick, and a bit ago I took a look at the Statcounter to see if any visitors had been clicking on the eggs.

It’s been a while since I looked at my stats, but I am always stunned at the hits the site gets – up to a couple of thousand on a busy day, and never less than about 800. On a whim, I perused the measly 500 page hits that Statcounter provides on its free accounts. This is for all page loads, not unique hits, alas. But of the last 500 page loads, say the last half a day, I’ve had hits from England, Scotland, Romania, Germany, Canada, Finland, Trinidad and Tobago, Norway, Ireland, Egypt, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Turkey, Netherlands, Japan, Israel, Australia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand, Indonesia, and of course, the USA. Whew!

I don’t even know for sure where all of those places are. For instance, I can’t see “Croatia” without thinking of “Croatoan,” the word found on a rock after the entire community on Roanoke Island vanished. Yeah, just a bit random, but I get that way when I’m really tired. And I am. Really tired. So now I will go lay down and be random where you folks can’t see or hear me. Lucky you!

A final note: My male cat has something in his 6-yr-old intestines that is really, really angry and out for blood. The blood of my nasal membranes, which may never recover. I must make note not to get any more pets that shit indoors. *gagretchfaint*

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