Meridjet is Dreamwalking Again

Night before last, Meridjet performed his first dreamwalk in nearly two years. My friend Caliedo dreamt that she was rushing around her house getting ready to go out, and was in a bedroom/living room sort of combo, adjacent to the kitchen. There were a few people in the kitchen, all men she thought, and Meridjet was leaning in the doorway. He does that quite a bit at home – leans in doorways. She said he was wearing dark clothes that appeared to be some shade of blue-green-grey. (Somehow, I get this.) He was leaning with his back against one side of the doorway, rather than a shoulder. His hair was long. He appeared to be waiting for someone in the kitchen and seemed mildly impatient.

This is significant not only because it’s been two years since he last appeared in anyone’s dream (that I’m aware of), but because Cally doesn’t like spirits showing up in her space without warning. She tends to repel spirits without consciously trying. He was there, but not interfering with her activity. Last time he went to her house, she felt him strongly enough that it wigged her out.

Last night, I dreamt of him as well. I only remember a couple of seconds. I was doing something with some people – I don’t remember who or what – and I got up and walked over to him. All I remember is us standing in “teenager slow dance” position with our arms around each other, mine around his neck and his around my waist. The small group of people were behind me a meter or so away. I dreamt of him again later in the morning but it faded immediately and I only remember knowing I dreamt him. I was lucky to remember the first dream since I went back to sleep after I woke from it. I like these cuddly dreams. Two in a month! It’s awesome.

I am pleased that he’s dreamwalking again, too. It’s a sign of things coming back into active mode. Usually we’re off with a bang, but we are easing into it this time. Innnnteresting. :)

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