I Try to Keep an Open Mind

…but sometimes I just get pissed off. The link leads to a Christian woman’s blog who has a post on how “the ban on gay marriage slows the erosion of family.” What. the. bleeding. fuck. I continue to be amazed at how anyone anywhere can believe that what another person does affects the “sanctity” of any institution. You don’t have to invite your gay son or cousin or mailman’s sister’s cousin’s brother’s neighbor to Thanksgiving dinner, so how exactly does equal human rights for all Americans affect you? How would you like it if the mythical “Satanic cults” (a media favorite, still) dictated government policy? We don’t need your religion shoved down our throats. You are not owners of the One True Way. (Recent friends to whom I used that phrase should not infer anything from this post, ftr.)

It makes me sick, physically disgusted, to read or hear anyone state such narrow-minded, short-sighted hate. How can you, in the name of an allegedly loving God, condemn another creature to persecution? You are in dire need of a wake up call, and I’m betting it’ll come sooner rather than later. When your most beloved and closest family member confesses s/he has AIDS and/or is gay, will you turn your back on hir? If you do, when your deathbed arrives, you will cry in regret and remorse. See the error of your thinking and stop hiding behind a Bible.

You offend me and all I care for. I’m so proud of this country’s 52 percent in favor of change — it’s been people like you who’ve set us all back to the Stone Age the past eight years. When the time comes that it’s your freedom at stake, you’ll be singing a different tune.

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