Long Time No Blush

I was going to bed a few minutes ago when I decided to check my voicemail messages (3 were shown). I have my cell phone set to only let people in my phone book ring through, because I get a lot of annoying phone calls. Typically my voicemail has some guy trying to make a collection for someone, but I’m not interested in responding to a recording that tells me to press 1 to be connected to an agent so that I can be harassed. Mail it, bub, or stfu. Anyway, the first message was a business call. Cool. The last message was the expected recorded message. But the middle call…

The middle call said, “Hello J— (my name, including maiden name and last name). This is Dave Alcocer. I’m reaching out on a Sunday, on my way to San Antonio. I have a reunion with a band I was in after Heyoka, called Roller. So….” [the rest in a rush] “…this is me making contact. Talk to you later, bye.” My eyes… BOING! wide open. I almost called him back but managed to bite down on that impulse and email instead. I don’t think a 2 a.m. phone call would be greeted with pleasure, since he works a day job far more often than he plays in a band, these days.

But I have to admit I was tickled all to shit to hear from him. And I’m still blushing off and on when I think of it. I feel completely ridiculous, but in a fun way. :D

Alas, I do have to get up at a human time of day for those appointments tomorrow, so I will go off to bed and try again to sleep. Without checking messages. lol. Maybe. ;)

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