Juuuuust A Bit Outside*

*Bob Uecker in Major League

It’s bloody cold outside already. I knew it was going to be an early winter, and I suspect we’ll have snow again this year. Three years ago we had a white Christmas… first one ever, I think. We rarely even get flurries, and that Christmas Eve we got 3 or 4 inches, and other areas nearby had 6. Amazing.

I actually just wandered to the keyboard for a minute to report that I heard back this morning from David Alcocer, the Heyoka guitarist I wrote about (and to) last night. He said, “My memory is in shock now!” :lol: He even sent me his phone number. I wrote him earlier and tried to go to sleep, but naturally as soon as I hit the bed, sleep flew out the window.

Earlier tonight I took a tour of the haunted house I mentioned a week or so ago. I did a review of the store, and tomorrow I’ll write up my review of the haunted attraction. It was very cool. Right now I’m going to go to sleep if I have to take melatonin to do it.

I’ll be working on the Samhain issue of Rending the Veil for the remainder of the week, then I’ll get part 3 up of my retrospective, which will hopefully be the last part.

You all have a good night.

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