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For several months, I’ve been seeing far more than the usual number of shadowy movements seen from the corner of my eye. They are growing in realism and frequency, and in the past two days I’ve seen at least a dozen out of the corner of my left eye (none from my right in that time span). The vast majority of them look like the FTD logo (shamelessly hotlinked):

Only in black or brown. This makes me think of “brownies,” such as the bunch of Bruce Campbells in Army of Darkness (which rocks utterly). I’m torn between amusement and annoyance, because ENOUGH ALREADY!

I was told years ago when starting daily ritual that I would start to see frequent astral beings just traipsing through my field of vision, because once you start the rituals you “light up” on astral and attract the attention of various creatures. It never happened, and while I had the occasional encounter with beings I hadn’t invited, for the most part it wasn’t an issue. Meridjet once turned Shelia away when she visited my house during an OBE. He stopped her from entering, said, “Very funny,” and shut the “door” in her face. Other, similar events convinced me that he was indeed keeping guard.

So what’s up with this? Meridjet just re-initiated “active work phase” five days ago, with the usual fanfare of synchronicity. It’s hard to believe that this is coincidence. Usually, the fleeting corner of my eye image looks like a bug or something, but these have been larger. There was one in the car the other day, maybe a week ago, that was buglike – it was on my right shoulder and scared the living shit out of me so that I actually swerved a little. It was that plainly visible. These “brownies” were all showing up under the bird cage, about 4 feet to my left. It’s not a shadowy area; it’s plainly visible and on one occasion I didn’t even have my head fully turned away. I was half looking over there already when I saw this thing. They do the little leap shown in the graphic image above.

Tonight, they’ve moved closer and are on the throw rug I put down in front of the bird cage to catch their debris. I’m not catching a particular shape tonight (this morning), because the rug is striped and I only see movement. But it’s definitely getting more frequent, and the timing is suspect. I have to wonder what he’s up to. (I’ll talk more about the new activity with Meridjet when I do part 3 of my retrospect series.)

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  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of these, lately, too. Funny, that they look like the ftd logo-Mercury. But the ones that have been flitting around me (and yes, always from the left) aren’t just in blacks and browns. Some I’ve seen have been translucently colorful. I thought that maybe it had something to do with the seasonal thinning of the veil.

    So maybe I can save money on the opthamology appointment? :-)

  2. This is in response to the line about daily ritual drawing spirits because of lighting up, and not directed specifically at you, Sheta.

    See, I’m of the opinion that if your ritual work is drawing in spirits that were not already there and/or specifically invited, your protections need some serious beefing up. It’s one thing if they were there before and now coming into some new visual range. That’s awesome. But would someone really want their home to become some kind of astral train station with Gods only know what potentially coming through?

    In other news, thumbs up on the new sidebar, especially putting out your services.

  3. @Lavana(h): This is good to know. I feel slightly less bonkers. lol

  4. @Soli: I agree with you. I am very curious about this new development. I’ve also never noticed (personally) any sort of increase in spirits or intensity of subtle perceptions when the veil is thin (Samhain, Beltane). I have always been somewhat disappointed by this, but on the other hand I wouldn’t want strong perceptions to only happen twice a year, either.

    Thanks for the sidebar comments. I worked on those all day yesterday, when I should’ve been working on the magazine. lol. Nice to have someone appreciate them. :)

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