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One of my Quaker Parrots, Kiwi, said her first words a week or so ago. I was covering their cage for the night with a large sheet which has a softball-sized hole in it. They like to peek out of the hole when saying goodnight. I put the sheet on and arranged it so the hole was aligned with their perch, and Kiwi said, “Thank you.” I got her to say it four or five times. I was thrilled, because not only did she speak, but she spoke in context and she didn’t start out with a curse word. lol

Since then, she hasn’t spoken again, but she’s still practicing (moving her beak silently). She has, however, learned to dance, and whenever I look over at their cage, she starts dancing for attention, nodding her head up and down. I sometimes sing, “Dancing dancing danciiiiing… she’s a dancing machine!” and she gets all excited.

She’s very smart, and will step ever so gently onto my hand. Apple, the male, however, would prefer to either run away (if he’s on top of the cage) or lunge at me. He’s gonna take more work. :)

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  1. That’s a charming story. I’ve wanted a parrot for a long time. They’re so smart. I’m afraid that I’d anthropomorphize it terribly though, and turn into a crazy parrot lady.

    feefifotos last blog post..Abandoning The Attacks For One Evening

  2. @feefitfoto: Aww. They like it when you treat them as “flockmates.” They see themselves as equals– if you make something to eat, for instance, you have to give them something too, because eating is a flock activity. They can be safely ‘anthroed’ to quite a degree. :) But even though Quakers are small parrots, and are some of the earliest talkers in terms of age, they are LOUD and only bond to one person, so you might consider a larger, quieter bird. In any case, you have to be prepared for a lot of interaction and attention. I think parrots are more time consuming than any other pet.

  3. Hehe, well, compared to dancing, I think talking is overrated anyways… hmmm, unless perhaps she could sing ‘dancing queen’ :)

    Matts last blog post..Plenty of Fish Subject Lines that really SUCK!

  4. @Matt: That would indeed be very cool. lol

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