Rending the Veil Urgently Needs Tech Help

Rending the Veil is in urgent and immediate need of webmaster help to facilitate the server move. I have no frigging idea how to set up or tweak this Simple Machines Forum (SMF) that my current advisor has installed as our content management system (CMS). It’s asking for an upgrade but errors when the test is run prior to installation. I’m way over my head here.

Even if the help is temporary, I need hands-on assistance on a near-daily basis (at least) to facilitate the move and redesign. Our original webmaster has graduated from school and has a job, he’s in the UK making it hard to reach him on the phone, and he’s busy all the time. The guy who was helping me move, on the other hand, disappears for weeks at a time (as I have myself done), and I get the feeling he isn’t interested in continuing. The site is in jeopardy unless I get some serious help.

We either need a way for me to control every aspect of this site in a competent way, which would require an intuitive and easy-to-manage CMS, or we need a webmaster who will be with me every step of the way for this move and the transition to understanding the system in use (whichever system it turns out to be). I learned on the current Elgg-based site that there’s too much I can’t control – for example, I can’t even publish an issue of the magazine without our webmaster coding the access links – and I am running into several new problems every time I attempt to work with SMF at the new server.

I need help. If I were to code the site the hard way, a page at a time and with nothing via php, we’d have an unwieldy mess and major security issues. I am at a loss. I really would like someone who wants to be involved, who has time and passion to spare, but I’ll settle for someone granting us their time and energy for a limited time while the changes are made and all the tech people can get their heads around the situation.

If you or anyone you know can provide any assistance on any level other than editing articles before going to “print,” please contact me immediately with what you can do, how much time you can spare, your limits on involvement, and so on. Please speak to your friends regarding this as well. We need someone now.

If you’re interested, send your qualifications, examples and references to

Thank you.

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  1. I just lost my original comment, but the gist was that if it was me I would be looking for new software. I guess I’m behind the times, but last I looked SMF was a forum software not a CMS. If it’s been hacked up, then I understand why so many problems. I would examine WordPress MU for twice the ease, ten times the flexibility and style, and none of the headaches. I don’t envy your situation. Been there way too many times. For my own personal stuff, I’m finding WordPress to be knocking my socks off on how easy a full fledged website rather than merely a blog is shaping up.

  2. @bishop: I considered WordPress but wasn’t sure how complicated it’d be for a (someday) large set of multiple user blogs and so on. I’ll look at it. Thanks!

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