Review: A Frightful Experience is Nice This Time of Year

Upon taking Kara to the dentist, we were informed that she needs a root canal and that there was time to do it today. I expected the root canal, but not the expediency. She’s there now, though not particularly thrilled. I’ll go back in a couple of hours to pick her up. As I came home to wait for her, I passed a store on the feeder (access/frontage road) that I’d been meaning to check out, so I stopped.

Spookers Halloween
16020 East Freeway (I-10)
Channelview, TX (see below for directions)

It’s a Halloween store, with a claimed stock of “over 3500 costumes” – no way there are that many different costumes, but they have the biggest selection I’ve ever seen, including lots and lots of sexy women’s costumes (and there may be more on their website). They also have some extremely cool accessories and decorations. While in most instances I prefer to make my own decorations so they’ll last longer, I do enjoy the inspiration I get by visiting stores and websites.

New this year (I think), they have a Haunted House set up. They have apparently been voted The Scariest Haunted House in Houston this year, which is surprising. Perhaps they’ve been doing this longer than I thought. In any case, I’m now in possession of several $3.00 off coupons for the attraction.

The best thing? They have the most amazing shoes ever. I want about four pair. lol. They’re all platforms with probably 6-inch heels, so I most likely would kill myself trying to walk in them, but they are the very definition of hotness. Mary Janes with a ladybug or a bumblebee pattern, “witchy” shoes with a spider web buckle, nurse boots, and so on. The wigs are equally fabulous, and I want several of those as well. The shoes run about $35 to $40, a great price. The wigs I was drawn to were $14 each and I was told they stay in place well.

They had the usual rubber masks, an enormous selection of costumes for all ages, manymany scary accessories (blades, staffs, funky glasses, etc.), and an extensive array of unusual and very cool decorative items. The decorations ranged from plastic spiders to full-size ghouls, and ranged in price from $2 to $125, from what I could see. If you were willing to spend the money, you could seriously deck out your yard and porch and create your own spooky neighborhood attraction.

I recommend visiting if you’re close enough to make the trip. You can visit their website at ETA: There’s not much on their website yet, so a physical visit is crucial to check them out. To visit the store, head east from Houston until you pass the Beltway, exit Sheldon Road and continue east on the feeder or frontage road. It’ll be on the right about half a mile down, just before the entrance ramp. If you’re westbound on Interstate 10, take the Sheldon exit, and make a u-turn.

Rating for store: five stars out of five. If I get the money to visit the Haunted House, I’ll write a review for that later.

Happy Haunting!

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