No More Politics

While it’s known that I’m liberal and will be voting to reflect that, I have deleted several political posts made in recent weeks, including the video I posted of what occurred after the recent Presidential debate. Politics had taken over this blog, and while it’s a topical, er, topic, it’s not what this blog is about. Those posts should have gone into my Blogger but it’s fallen into disuse.

I want to get back into this blog’s true purpose – teaching others about my relationship with Meridjet and providing networking resources for others in similar relationships. This is my personal journal, but politics are everywhere (especially with a very important election less than a month away), and there’s no need for me to post the same thing you can get somewhere else.

I saw my therapist yesterday, and picked up a refill for my Zyprexa (mood stabilizer). I’d run out a few days ago, and I’m pretty sure that my physical symptoms of the past few days were withdrawals. I took a double dose last night in an effort to get my levels back up, and feel much better today. My emotions feel more stable as well, and that’s even better news. For as long as I can remember, my prescription was always filled as a 90-day supply, but last time I received a thirty day supply with two refills. I’d forgotten this and was confused when I ran out so early. Evidently, my insurance company wants to cash in on the extra two co-pays.

If things continue to improve, I should be on Yahoo IM more, and will be catching up on my magazine work and editing. Let’s hope.

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