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For anyone looking for me for either RTV stuff or Yahoo IM, I’ve been offline almost constantly since finally returning home from evacuation on September 21. First, the cable (internet) was out til I think the 3rd of October. Since then, I’ve been alternately extremely busy, extremely depressed, or feeling physically like shit. Today, it’s the latter. I am going to bed in a minute because just being vertical is distinctly unpleasant.

I also forgot to document that my first night home (September 21), I dreamed of Meridjet. It’s unusual enough that it needs to be recorded, and the timing is itself noteworthy. It was just a short snippet of a dream, and as has happened in most of my dreams of him of the past 2 or 3 years, it was pretty mundane. In it, he was sitting on a porch railing (or similar thing) and I was a few feet to his right and in front of him, either on a chair or on the floor/ground. We were talking to an unknown third party – I neither got a sense of who it was nor saw them. The dream began mid-conversation, just in time for me to say, “Are you kidding? He never walks away from a fight… well, not unless he’s coming right back!” I looked over at him to see his expression. He was mildly amused but admitted I was right with a nod. I sent him a thought (which I don’t think has ever happened in a dream before) and raised one eyebrow. He got up (as I’d “asked”) and sat on the floor with his back against the wall. His legs were straight out in front of him and he spread them wide. I walked over and sat between them, and curled up in sort of a ball with my head on his chest/upper abdomen. I was cocooning, I think. I said, “I’ve missed this.” And that was the end. Cozy and pleasant, with a bit of humor. Not bad for what seemed like less than two minutes of interaction. :)

And now, I go to bed. Sorry for not being around much.

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