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The “meridjetfeed” account at LiveJournal has received a few comments, which I often don’t remember to check since this journal includes a reminder that comments on that account don’t show up here, nor are they emailed to me. But there are a few, and I responded to them today. They’ll disappear in a few days as the posts drop off (it only holds five posts at a time, max), so I wanted to save the comments here in order to remember them.

To the “Life Goes On” post:
2008-10-07 06:49 pm

I honestly can’t imagine what you’ve been through, but I don’t think I’d handle it very well at all. *hugs*

2008-10-08 05:01 pm

I miss you like crazy. :) *hug*

2008-10-07 09:13 pm

Please keep posting, and keep on keeping on. Stopping now won’t help, and it will, in my estimation, make you feel worse. You can do this, you can power past this. You have the skills, abilities and resources to do so, despite everything that has been going on. You can make it through, up and over the challenges. If you need to talk, hit me up. ^_^

2008-10-08 05:02 pm

I will keep on, keep the faith, all that. :) I’d love to talk, too.

2008-10-08 08:28 am

Sweetheart, what you are suffering from is post-traumatic stress syndrome. Pure and simple, with only 2 hours warning, you had to pack up what was most valuable to you (and would fit in a single vehicle) and become a refugee. The fact that you were able to return to your home (eventually) did not change what came before it. It just means that you are facing the psychological damage earlier than those who are still dealing with the physical damage. It doesn’t make the psychological damage less.

Keep talking, keep venting. You will get through this. And, if you need another ear, another audience, you can call or email me.

ps-panic attacks are highly overrated!

2008-10-08 05:05 pm

Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. I know it’s PTSD but it feels like I’m weak that this whole thing bothers me so much.

I’m so tired of hurricanes. They are overrated. lol. Panic attacks I’m used to. ;)

From the “Open Letter” post:

2008-10-02 06:11 pm

Are the animals okay? I don’t imagine your mom would let you take them with you.

2008-10-08 05:07 pm

The animals are fine. Bandit disappeared two weeks before the storm. Extensive searches revealed nothing. Flyers posted all over the area, ditto. He’s still gone. We have given up hope, now, but it is a huge loss. Kara is devastated.

I hope you and Boux are well. I see dogs that look like her sometimes, and I have to pet them.

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