Evacuating – I Don’t Like Ike

I’ve been trying to avoid leaving, but now we are under mandatory evacuation starting at noon. I’ve had two fitful hours of sleep and have nothing done, so we have to get a lot of stuff outside put somewhere safe, and then pack up and leave. The cats will be staying here, as will the aquarium (ha), and we’re trying to come up with a place to take the birds. Our favorite cat, Bandit, disappeared two weeks ago Saturday, and despite several trips out to look for him and a liberal peppering of Lost Cat flyers, there’s been no sign of him either alive or dead. A man did call yesterday to ask about him, saying his own male (they’re both neutered) cat vanishes last Saturday. We’ve agreed to keep an eye out for both animals.

I’m exhausted and I do not want to go, but odds are there won’t be any siding left on this converted garage apartment when it’s over, unless Ike veers considerably east of us. Here in SE Texas (hot, humid south, not desert), we have no basements and garages are rare, so people tend to “store” stuff on their porches or patios. Ours is crammed with stuff, though ironically some larger items were just moved into the main (vacant) house that is gutted for remodel. (No, staying there is not an option.)

When Hurricane Rita came here on the heels of Katrina devastating New Orleans, we hauled ass and I was terrified. This year, I can’t seem to muster up any concern, despite the very real threat. Ike is enormous, though so far isn’t over 100 mph sustained winds. I hope our home stays safe, because we can’t take much with us.

It’ll probably take us all night to get to Mom’s, normally half an hour from here. Last time it took 8 hours. Goody. Wish us luck and spare us something positive.

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  1. Thinking of you and hoping all is okay! My husband left Friday and is now in Houston helping with the power outages.

    Spices last blog post..Ike and an old nightmare!

  2. I saw some stuff on the news that made me think of you guys. I hope everything is ok. I’m thinking positive for you all.

  3. Keeping you and all those in the paths of this season’s devastating weather in my thoughts.

    LuAnns last blog post..HELP! NEED IDEAS!

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