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The Dare to be Different group is going well so far, attracting a wide variety of blogs and bloggers. By request, membership has been extended to blogs not using the EntreCard widget. If you have a blog that showcases something different or if you are an unusual person who openly blogs in a way that reflects this, you are welcome to join the group even if you don’t use EntreCard. Just follow the link, choose a mini banner, and post the code in the sidebar or footer of your blog. Leave me a comment so I can add you to the list, and while you’re at it, check out the other members. :)

Something else I want to do for anyone interested – tarot readings via email. I am in serious need of at least $600 right now, and until I start getting calls on the cards I put out over the weekend (offering computer repairs and so forth), I have to dream up other ways of getting the money. I also have some nice astrology programs that I can re-install on this computer to do charts for people, if needed. Here are the prices, and contact info is below or in the sidebar.


A general reading plus one question: $25 US
Additional questions: $10 each

Edit to add: It might help to mention that I have over 30 years experience with tarot, and am very good at reading the cards. I got my first deck when I was 12, and have collected probably 40 decks over time (some of which I cut up and used for collages, but that’s another story). I use the Hanson-Roberts deck for most readings, but also have Thoth for those who prefer it.

Astrology charts with 20-25 page interpretation (in pdf form):

Individual chart: $20
Synergy chart: $25 (this is a relationship chart)

It is strongly recommended that you either order individual charts for one or both parties of the synergy chart, or that you have access to these elsewhere, because a synergy chart focuses on the relationship and not on individual qualities. The individual charts will provide much-needed insight into what the synergy chart describes.

Info required (astrology only)

First names, genders, and birth dates, birth times, and birthplaces of the people for whom you desire the chart. For a synergy chart, that’s two people. Do not guess or use noon, because the ascendant or rising sign depends on the hour of birth, and the degrees of this shifts quickly. This in turn affects all house placements. So at least a close approximation is necessary. Try to get the exact time, if you can.

Contact me at for inquiries or to order. My PayPal address is the same, or you can use the donation form to get your name and url added in the sidebar below. Just change the suggested price to the appropriate amount.

Many thanks.

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