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There’s been a lot of behind-the-scenes legal battling going on with regard to various Internet providers desiring to block or restrict certain types of access to the Web. Comcast is one company that wants to sell its priority connections to high-paying corporate accounts and “providing” the remaining dribbles to the home user. I have been using Comcast for almost two years since they bought out Time Warner in Houston, and I can tell you that my Internet access changed on day one. If I try to download something, even a page with a lot of images, my connection shuts down and I have to reset my modem. I’ve had four different Comcast-supplied modems, and it’s never improved. The past three weeks, I’ve had almost no Internet connection at all. We have to hover around the computers and wait for an “on” moment and hope it doesn’t reset while we’re uploading a post or something.

I have a cable guy coming tomorrow to allegedly fix this problem, but I definitely do not trust Comcast. The letter below, from the “Save the Net” people, provides further information about this ongoing battle. Please spread the word, and help if you can. I’m giving serious thought to switching to DSL, if it’s available in my area. Last time I checked, it was not.

Late last week, Comcast filed a lawsuit to overturn the landmark Federal Communications Commission order to stop blocking users’ access to the free and open Internet.

With its army of lawyers and billions of dollars, Comcast is betting it can dismantle the protections that you and hundreds of thousands of other Free Press and SavetheInternet.com supporters fought so hard to establish. Free Press Action Fund is rallying our small legal team to fight Comcast, but we urgently need your help.

Comcast is Sucktastic

Don’t Let Comcast Overrule the FCC

Our lawyer is now reviewing the fine print of Comcast’s appeal. But that’s just the first step in what could be a drawn-out legal battle; to fight through to the end, we must raise $25,000 today. Your contribution will make sure we have the resources we need to take on Comcast’s lawyers.

We’ve learned time and again that we can defeat phone and cable giants by meeting them on their own turf. We know we’re on the right side of this historic issue. As long as we stand up to them every step of the way — in court, in Congress and at the FCC — we’ll keep winning.

Protect Our Net Neutrality Victory: Contribute Now

With your support, Free Press will fight the appeal and intervene to defend our victory in the FCC decision.

It’s a heavy lift for our two-person legal team and will require our ongoing involvement in the case. We’re a member-driven organization fighting for the rights of individuals. We don’t have Comcast’s billions, but we do have the skill and determination to defend the Internet from abusive corporate practices.

The FCC ruling against Comcast is our most important victory yet for Net Neutrality. We cannot afford to lose in court. Please send the most generous contribution you can right now.

With gratitude,
Timothy Karr
Campaign Director
Free Press Action Fund

P.S. Our victory last month against Comcast was a milestone in the fight for an open Internet. We defied every ounce of conventional wisdom in Washington by proving that activists, bloggers, consumer advocates and everyday people could join forces through Free Press to defeat a major corporation. Now it’s time to defend that victory in court. Please contribute now.

P.P.S. A generous Free Press supporter has offered a $300,000 matching grant. Your gift to today will help us meet this ambitious goal!

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