Shameless Pimping

Anyone who enjoys this blog should consider voting for it at the Blogger’s Choice Awards. I’ve got 15 votes for Freakiest Blogger, and don’t really stand a prayer of getting first place, but hey, it’s fun to try. The leading Freaky blog currently has 152 votes, so if you care, get all your friends to vote, too. lol.

Last time I checked, the Blogger’s Choice Awards site required registration in order to vote, but they don’t spam and anyone who uses Gmail really doesn’t have to worry much about spam, anyway. So give it a shot; I’d really appreciate it. I probably won’t post on this again, so no worries on that level. Voting closes in two weeks, which is why this post is here now.

Thanks for reading, either way. I love meeting people through my more unusual pursuits, and this blog is certainly a source for that. :)

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I teach people to perceive, communicate, and work with spirits. Beyond that, I'm kinda normal.

Sometimes I write things. Sometimes I edit things. Sometimes, people even see them.

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