Still Going: The Energizer Sheta

Well, I may not be that manic, but at least I’m still getting up in the morning rather than in the afternoon. I woke up at 8:30 a.m. after dreaming I’d slept til 3 — woke up with a panicked jolt, in fact. I gathered up a bunch of books to donate to the library, and we took off by about 9. Went to the bank and deposited a check, then went shopping for pet supplies and various sundries. Then we grabbed a $5 pizza from a new (or at least I’d never seen it before) joint in the Kroger shopping center advertising “authentic New York style pizza.” It was great stuff, like the pizza I have been missing from my Ohio days. Yummm.

We went to the library, where I got books on garden design and path building, and a couple of true crime books, though not sure if I’ll read them. I couldn’t find the book on Ted Bundy I was looking for, but I’m fairly certain I still have a paperback copy around here somewhere. We came home, and I mowed the yard for 90 minutes, getting about 1/3 of it done for the first pass, with the blades of the tractor set on high. “First pass” actually took 3 or 4 passes over each strip. The grass is very thick now, plus being so high. Then when the first pass is done, the cut grass will need to dry and I’ll have to make the “second pass,” with the mower deck set on low. By then we might have something resembling the yard of yore.

Before I get finished with the mowing, though, we’re gonna have a visit from Hurricane Gustav, which is due to slam into poor, vulnerable New Orleans on Monday afternoon. If it veers west before landfall then we are vulnerable. I may have mentioned that the bay is visible from the street. We can stand in the street and watch the ships pass. It’s a very odd thing to see the top half of an enormous ship go by while driving down the street to my house. lol. Back in the days when I first started getting vibrations in bed, which at first I only got in my legs, I would also hear a rumbling noise and I thought it was a ship going by. I never really wondered how a ship could make my bed vibrate until Meridjet poked fun at me one day, telling a friend that it was amusing that these strange, loud, vibrating ships only passed when I was in bed. :P

In any case, we’ll get a lot of rain and flooding, most likely, even if Gustav hits the mid-Louisiana coast, but if it veers west at all then we could have real problems. However, unlike the year of Katrina and Rita, I don’t intend to evacuate to my mother’s. It’s just too much stress for everyone and we can’t take our animals, so we’ll just stay home. By the time we’d find out it was coming here, it’d be too late to get out of town anyway. We’re on the east side of Houston, and escape is to the west, so we’d be a whole lot of traffic jam away from safety by the time we left. It took us hours to get to Mom’s that year. She’s normally thirty minutes away. We managed to save time by swinging to the north and doubling back. Funnily enough, the freeways into the city were clear. ;)

Tomorrow I want to do some laundry and maybe move some of the stuff out of the dining room, which I am turning into a sun room. I am going to convert my dinky back yard into a garden. I need to do some grading of the land, and that’s the worst bit. I’ll have to try it in late fall, and maybe get some help. Doing it by hand would suck greatly. But I want to extend the gardens bit by bit, and hopefully someday have a nice Victory garden with paths and water fixtures and all sorts of neat stuff.

My internet connection is still messing up more often than not. It goes out every few minutes and stays out much longer than it stays on, but it’s somewhat better today. I can’t really expect to reach anyone at the cable company until Tuesday. So I may not be online much. Just an FYI. That’s all folks.

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