So Very Busy, and Feeling Great About It

A quote that Maainakhtsen posted on LJ: “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” -Albert Einstein

Very nice. Good motto material, too.

I’ve been busting ass around the home front this week with deep cleaning the public areas of my house. Still have to do the same to the bedrooms, and I have some stuff to move to storage or otherwise dispose of, stuff to move in, painting to do on the interior, stripping and re-staining some built-ins and some furniture, and I want to recolor the grout in the ceramic tile floors (which also must be stripped first) and find some wax for said floors. The siding is fall off in places outside so that must be fixed, but not until it cools off some. I also have a 4ft tall yard to mow that’s about a quarter acre, so that’ll take days. I’ve worked up a sweat and sore muscles every day this week til today. I want to get moving but I’m so sleepy. Not sure what I’ll end up doing. I’m very excited at the progress and don’t want to lose momentum.

I’ve also started working out at a gym. The gym only charges $10 a month with no contract required, plus a sign up fee which ended up being $20 for me and $20 for my daughter. They have treadmills, stairmasters, bicycles, a huge wooden floored yoga/exercise room with mirrors, and probably 70 weight machines plus free weights. I’m digging it. The people are very nice and no one has even looked at us funny, though Kara has been very self-conscious. She wants to take her MP3 player next time and her Nintendo DS and focus on the bikes and treadmills. Works for me.

I also have to get the Mabon issue of Rending the Veil done, work on the redesign and move, write my book and edit the book I’m working on for Immanion. I’m busy. I like it. :)

When I have time, I sleep and eat. lol

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