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The New York Times online this morning featured an article on the Louisiana coast and the marshes populated by Cajuns who settled there over two hundred years ago. The land there was once replenished regularly by sediment deposits left behind when the Mississippi River overflowed and receded. Seventy years ago, the levee system along the river ended that overflow in order to save a variety of communities from flooding. The price of this development has been the loss of marshlands to the advancing Gulf of Mexico.

Land is lost at the astonishing rate of 12 to 20 square miles annually. Once thriving communities are gone forever, and even cemeteries have been lost to the waters of the Gulf. The wildlife of the marshes is dying due to the increasing salt content of the brackish swamps. This problem could be reversed with a diversion of overflow from the Mississippi, but lack of political motivation and prohibitive costs (read: it’s a pain in the ass of those who don’t live there) have kept this solution from serious consideration.

We’ve lost New Orleans and she was left to sink or swim (heh) on her own without effective federal aid. It’s enough that one beloved city has to suffer so much indignity, but now the entire eastern LA coast is in jeopardy. Why doesn’t anyone care?

It’s so goddamn painful to know what goes on in the U.S. and the world, in the environment, in the power struggles, in the greedy boardrooms of short-sighted corporations, that it’s no wonder so many people just turn off the news and walk away. It kills me just to read an ASPCA flier about an abused dog — one of many thousands — and I refuse to watch the news at all. I go into hysterics when a child is murdered and I hear about it. But I don’t want to hide. I just want to make a difference, and like so many others, I don’t know how.

The solutions are not simple and the answers are not easy. The fix is not instant or even perceptible for years. People want to know it matters. They want to know that their money or their sweat or their sacrifice of ten minutes of sympathy is going to somehow make a difference. It’s so hard to feel that one person can do anything. But every day we hear of a teacher who inspired a class who inspired a school who then inspired other schools, and all it takes is one person telling another who then tells more, eventually reaching sufficient numbers or even just the one right person who is that teacher. . . the very act of caring may be imperceptible but it is the first step. Care. Talk. Spread the word. Stand up for what is right when you can, even if you can’t yet make yourself go to a city council meeting or write your senator. Just care, and say you care. It matters.

Each step of that caring is like each step of cleaning up the toxic plastic island in the middle of the ocean, it’s like each step of rescuing a flooded city or a country full of corporate greed — maybe you don’t see the effects today, but it does matter. You are one of millions. Whether you are first or last or one lost in a sea of unidentifiable faces, if you speak when you can and give when you can, it will matter and it will inspire. Just do it. Please.

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  1. With all the pain and anguish the entire world is embroiled in, from the regions of Darfur, to the to the people still suffering the tragedy of New Orleans, living in what amount to poisonous shacks as they wait for help that is seemingly not coming. It is easy to become depressed and slink away, thinking “There is nothing I can do.”
    I have to believe we can do something; to think otherwise just doesn’t work for me. I cannot just think, despite everything I have gone through in life, that I am nothing and I can do nothing. We as a collective people, in the United States and the West can do significant things if we are allowed band together, whether by removing the fear instilled by our governments, or by removing the wraith of apathy and depression gripping our nations. We need to stand as a people, and we need to do it now; people, hell, the planet itself, cannot wait for us any longer to do so. We need to act to save our planet, and ourselves. That is my opinion.

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