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I’m looking at the next post in the archives (moving from most distant past, forward) of my old LiveJournal and it’s a post from 2003 regarding an angelic visitation in 1999. I was doing daily LBRP and other rituals at that time, and so was accustomed to seeing manifestations of the four archangels from that ritual. But toward the end of the millennium, something altogether different happened.

The post is a chat log, but instead of pasting it here as a chat, I am going to put all the text into a story form and edit for brevity where I can. I’ll indicate text removed with [. . .] marks so you’ll know, and to remain as loyal to the original as possible. Be advised, this is a bit on the fantastic side (or perhaps “nuts” is more accurate, but I still believe it was real in some way) and I’m sure my relative naivety will show in my description. :) There will probably be parts where I’ll need to display my chat partner’s responses, but I’ll keep them to a minimum if I can. The date of this experience is 12/12/1999.

It begins with a description to another friend:

Yesterday I didn’t have any contact from Meridjet til last thing before bed last night, then only for a few mins. We’ve been going thru this Process, and yesterday I was feeling fuzzy and inert and I went into ritual expecting a blah time of it. So I did the LBRP, and then the Middle Pillar, which I can rarely do without crying, it just moves things thru me. I was expecting nothing to happen this time [since I felt so blah], and instead tears began immediately. A few days ago during this, I saw Metatron and Sandalphon for the first time, but nothing really had happened. This time I did the ritual, and then did the Rose Cross, then sat to do some clearing of the crud that was coming up. [This is an active purging process that helped me stay emotionally centered the rest of the time.] I began with “I don’t know what I’m feeling. . .” and here I switch to logs from earlier that night, talking to Tim.

So I babbled a little, which I don’t remember and then I started hearing questions “Will you this” and “Are you open to that” and so forth, for like 5 mins, and I answered them all with either “yes,” or “I’m not sure,” whichever was true. Finally I said, “I don’t know who is asking these questions,” and a voice said IMMEDIATELY, before I had time to create a fake answer, “I am Metatron,” and he “appeared” [this referring to seeing with the subtle eyes] and god, he is so beautiful, still.

He told me that he was my (not sure of words, forgive me here) Special Angel, or My Angel, or something like that, and I was swooning, and in awe, and crying. And he told me things and I can’t remember them, but they come up spontaneously as I’m reminded, and he told me that too many words sully the message, to never search for words, they either burst forth or are not needed (this for contact with [subtle] beings).

[. . .]

and he said many other things. . . and he hugged me, or let me hug him. . . then he backed off, and I did the LBRP and the four archangels KNEELED. I am crying, oh god. I have never seen or felt anything more beautiful in my life.

I wanted to make them get up, heh. I don’t know. I am scared to think about it. I don’t want an ego problem and this is a very easy way to get one. He showed me things that I would do. . . in general. He wore ivory-colored linen-looking stuff, I tried to change it to Brilliant White for Kether and it wouldn’t go.

Tim: It’s not an ego thing. It’s all part of not only the ritual, but what you have done. Acknowledging your work. When a cadet graduates out of Officer’s Training School, everyone throws up their hats. Here, they kneel.

[. . .]

I don’t comprehend their kneeling to me, inside. I can intellectually rationalize it, but that is actually meaningless within.

Tim: ah. The Gate. I understand. Everyone shouts hurrah, you think — what honor? What glory? Just remember – you did it, you allowed the work to progress this far. On the other hand, everyone has this opportunity. Every day. May not be your image of the path, but it seems that’s what they have planned for. Works out for me that way, sometimes. Did I ask for this? Hmmmm. . .

[. . . It was] a very intense experience out of nowhere. It was not bliss. It was. . . !!!oh!!!
At the time, I realized how ridiculous the New Age concept of Light and Divinity as untouchable and distant is. It is so warm, open, inviting, and rich. It’s not thin and airy. It’s Nurture. It’s Love. It’s way beyond all those. I felt so immensely honored that he spoke to me, that he came to me. I have never been so overwhelmed with love so instantaneously; it was nothing like the other angels have ever been, no offense to them.

Then suddenly. . .

Metatron is here. I am kinda freaking. I don’t know why he is here. He actually has quite a rounded personality. I think I am losing it now. Do you remember when Meridjet said this process felt like Christmas, and I agreed? That’s Metatron’s [energy]! I just [realized] it! This is unnerving. He is standing directly behind me. I turned around and he is there, not physically, but I saw him, life-size, on the subtle plane.

What does it mean when they blow in your mouth?

Tim: That’s the breathe of life. Use it, like you use Shakti pat.

He says I will get sick. And then I will get strong and I will change. He also did something that looked for the life of me like he was breaking my neck.

Tim: Realignment. Go ahead and ride with it. I agree with Metatron — the fewer words, the more pure the experience. We can talk later, unless you have real need to process verbally. [. . .] It’s happening at a different level. Trust it. Allow its entrance to this plane. That’s probably what he’s talking about, the change.

Sheta: I just asked him what I did to get this. He came up beside me, and with a little sweep of his arm like smearing the air, he created a scene in the air, and it was a camel crossing the desert. Huh?

Tim: hee. Gimel, the camel. Ring any bells? The high priestess.
fool = aleph
magus = beth
high priestess = gimel.
She joins Tiphareth to Kether.

Here it changes back to narrating to my other friend…

Done. . . that’s the highlights. He’s beautiful. He was still here when Meridjet came in. Meridjet gave him a huge, gorgeous smile. . . they were obviously familiar w/each other.

The end, except to add I had no idea at the time what Gimel was. I had to look it up. My friend Rich insists I crossed the Abyss during that three year Dark Night of the Soul. I think that’s putting just a bit more confidence in me than I’d claim for myself. But I do believe that there are many Abysses before we ultimately come to the Big Kahuna, after death. (Though as with any beLIEf, I’m flexible and willing to adjust as I evolve.)

Bless Tim’s heart for putting up with me so much. He showed a great deal of patience. I’ve been trying to remember his last name for two days. It’s driving me nuts. (I also have a new friend named Tim who will be receiving mention in this blog. He also goes by “Sarenth.” These two Tims are not the same Tim. LOL)

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  1. That sounds amazing!

    Also, the way you wrote it out in paragraphs instead of just posting the chat made it really easy to read.

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