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I’ve often seen other blogs with days of the week assigned to various tasks, for example the very popular Thankful Thursday. I’ve considered doing something like this, but I didn’t want it to become a chore. It strikes me that, particularly with regard to gratitude, making these posts some sort of discipline would be very likely to make one eventually feel quite the opposite of thankful. So, I’m going to be different – again.

I will provide here a list of potential post themes that I’ve come up with on my own (with the exception of Sunday, which is ganked from elsewhere), and will try to add at least one of these per week without making a contract signed in my own blood. I may not get around to any, and I may have weeks in which I do them all. But this way, you’ll know it’s not a chore but something I want to do, just for fun.

Being something of a weirdo, I’ve come up with appropriate topics, I think:

  • Sunday Scribbles – This is the one I saw somewhere else and enjoyed. It’s an art post, and could include anything from a 30-second doodle to a fully realized Photoshop painting to a bit of jewelry I’ve beaded. We’ll see.
  • Meridjet Monday – No doubt this will be a popular day amongst Meridjet fans. This post could be anything from an amusing anecdote to a memory to a channeled post from the big cheese himself.
  • Testy Tuesday – Ah, you knew this was coming. But there’s more than the obvious to this potentiality: It could be a ranting post in which I express my “testy” anger at someone or something, or it could be a post about a challenge (i.e. test) I’m undergoing, or it could be something silly like a pop quiz for you fine people! Stay tuned!
  • Wicked Wednesday – Mwa ha ha! Maybe I’ll share a bit of magick, or maybe I’ll talk about sex, but you can be sure that if I post a Wicked Wednesday post, someone somewhere will believe I’ve put my immortal soul in danger! :D
  • Thoughtful Thursday – Gratitude, to me, is not a grocery list or a check list. It’s a profound and moving experience that inspires more than a casual mention in my blog. It’s possible that a Thoughtful Thursday post will be about gratitude, but I’m not going to limit it to that. It’s bound to be deep, though.
  • Freaky Friday – Believe it or not, this title didn’t occur to me immediately. I initially considered “Fanciful Friday,” but this fits the overall reputation of this blog as a freaky place. (And my nomination at the Blogger’s Choice Awards, vote today! Registration required but there’s no spam.) This could be anything from mythology to weird paranormal experiences I’ve had to appropriate news items.
  • Silly Saturday – This is anything goes day. Anything from the days above could show up here, though a “thoughtful” post here would be a silly one.

Feel free to join in. And while you’re at it, grab a “Dare to be Different” badge for your EntreCard! These are free and don’t make me a single cent. The days of posting for pay are pretty much over; I may do a paid post once in a blue moon, but I’m not in this for the money. I thought it might be nifty to make money blogging until I took a good look at money-making blogs. This blog is about unusual content and exposure for the various spirit companion resources available, and to make a brand for myself – not for someone else.

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  1. I will probably join you on several of these…. feeling the same way about the memes as you do, I never know WHEN i’m going to join or why, or what, or anything else for that matter. But I really do like the idea of Freaky Friday, which I may decide to do that today! LOL! Of course, being the procrastinator that I am, it’s more likely to actually be posted late tonight, which will end up being saturday. Well, saturday to the rest of the world…. it’s not saturday for me until I’ve gone to bed on friday… even if that’s 4am! :P hehehe

  2. @Chiristine: I am a night owl as well, and it’s not tomorrow til I’ve either slept or the sun comes up. :) I’d be in real trouble if I lived in Alaska… lol

  3. K, nothing to do with the post but everything to do with the tag … I was with my lovely parents today and in the car, and I was telling them about something or other and I glanced out the window and there was a rabbit. So I interrupted myself and said, “Hey! A bunny!” And they both got real quiet. So I said, “Yeah, I’m easily distracted. What were you saying?”


  4. None of the top blogs do the pay per post stuff. I think they key is to write about what you are passionate about and if you get your point across well enough success will be yours.

    Renees last blog post..Man Fed To Lions: Thanks Mandela

  5. @Cally: Had you seen this icon before? That’s funny!

  6. @Renee: I completely agree with you. I haven’t had the usual amount of time to spend on this blog lately so the more passionate content has been sort of thin. I need to get back with that. Thanks so much for stopping by, and for commenting!

  7. I don’t recall if I’d seen the icon or not … it certainly fit the moment, tho. :D That was quite an afternoon: I am usually reserved with my parents, but given my mental state of late I wasn’t watching my mouth and I was repeatedly told they either worry about me (only half jokingly) or that I am insane (to which I would reply such things are hereditary, so there).

    Missing you … hope we get to reconnect soon!

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