Crocodile and Alligator Energy

I often dream of alligators. I’ve dreamed of them for years. In these dreams, typically there will be a river or stream that has alligators lined nose-to-tail all the way down the banks on either one or both sides of the river. Sometimes they’re along the side of the road, which also happens to be a bank to a body of water. Occasionally there are lakes, or very wide rivers.

The alligators (and sometimes crocodiles) are always a looming energy over the atmosphere of the dream, yet they never make any effort to get to me nor behave in any menacing way. I am often very close to them. The feeling is one of extreme caution and watchfulness, but no fear, more a wary respect. The one time I recall any menacing movement, there was one single alligator in a swimming pool with me. It swam toward me and I left the water.

It was suggested a couple of years ago that alligator/crocodile could be a shadow totem for me. This rings true. Yet until now I’ve only made cursory efforts to learn what that could mean. I remain intrigued. :) In completely unrelated news, I sprained my ankle today. Go me!

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  1. I have had numerous dreams about alligators. I believe it may be my spirit animal trying to tell me something about myself. This creature demands my respect…perhaps I am more like it than I care to admit.

  2. Hi April. I feel the same way, especially regarding its transformational qualities. It’s really intriguing to learn about. I often have dreams about deep, deep ocean water and swimming in it, usually terrified of sharks (I have this phobia in real life and can’t often get in the water without panicking). I often see sharks and whales in these dreams.

    Water is a big thing for me, too. At least that’s easier to interpret, with it representing emotional qualities etc.

  3. One of my Twin girls had a dream last night that a dark man figure with a crocodile head came through her playroom window. She and her twin sister ran to the closet and got a sword and some kind of knife but the figure took them from her and her sister. Then the figure went to the kitchen where I was and it hurt me with the weapon in my right arm and I was bleeding. Then she said another figure was outside their window with a crocodile head but with a green body. I don’t know what that means . It was after me and cut my right arm. I normally do the dream interpretation or can figure them out. This one is hard. We have had a lot of strife lately in my marriage and older kids that are gone and married. with any people that come into our lives and when the people or so called friends do something wrong and we ask why they did what they did they all say the same thing ,” I have no idea why I did or said that , that’s not normal for me to do something so hurtful to someone like this” .. None of them know the other , nor what the others have done to us or about saying the same things. But even when they realize what they did and repent to us the keep doing it over and over until we stop being friends with everyone. Then we are sad and wish things could be different. I have the gift of prophecy and many others that I don’t share with many. Everything has come to pass. But we are alone with out family or to many friends. HELP


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