We’re Still Here

Thanks to all the well-wishers. The storm hit this morning, and we ended up with well over 4 inches of rain. The water did come into the apartment, but that isn’t something that bothers me much anymore as if left alone, it takes care of itself and all I have to do is mop. I do have some laundry to do, items that got wet.

The wind never got scary at all — might’ve been 40 mph or so (that’s about 67kph…er, I think). It was good sleeping weather, particularly since my meds have been hitting me hard last couple of days (not sure why). We left to get some groceries because I didn’t want to stand on a wet floor to cook on an electric stove, and the driveway was completely sunken where it crosses the ditch. Good thing we have reflectors up.

I’ll be online tomorrow (Wednesday).

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