I Fail at Napping, But Win at Getting Up

Well, the nap plan didn’t work out, but I did get the loose items weighted down or picked up. Unless the storm is strong enough to pick up 20 or 30 lbs, I figure I’m good. I tied the garbage cans to the porch rails. It’s fairly sheltered there.

I’ve installed a plugin that will let me filter my posts according to levels of trust assigned to registered readers. I’d like to implement this function and post sensitive material to these filters. Some things just aren’t meant for the entire internet to read, you know? So if you’re interested in reading more sensitive material and you’re over 18 years of age (or of legal age in your country of residence), you should register on this blog (link is in the right sidebar) with your name, email address, and whatever else you care to add. There should be a way, once you’re logged in, to fill out some sort of profile, I think. If not, perhaps that was part of a plugin I took out.

If you register, be sure to use the same email address you usually enter when you comment. Make sure it’s a working email, because I’m not sure if you get to choose your own password or if one will be mailed to you. (Feel free to comment and fill me in on how it works, so I’ll be less DUH about it.) When I start filtering posts, I’ll make a public post to that effect. You’ll need to log in on subsequent visits to ensure that you are seeing the filtered material. I don’t intend to post a notice every time I filter a post — just once, when I start using filters. Therefore, you may miss something if you don’t log in after that point.

I’m absolutely starved, so I’m going to try to dredge up the energy to feed myself, and then I’m going to try that sleeping thing again. If it fails, I’ll watch movies and read til I doze off. I-) Night!

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  1. woohooo I registered! The site emails a password but once you go into your profile you are able to change the password to something you’ll actually remember.

    Oh! And if the storm gets too bad you and Kara are always welcome to venture further inland and hunker down at my place!

    dydans last blog post..**Warning .. http:/ is a known spammer . delete this message

  2. Awesome. Good to know, on both topics. :) Thanks! Oh and about the Ren Faire thing, the camp idea was just a suggestion — certainly isn’t something you have to go for. We could just meet up at the festival and hang out a while, if you wanted. I’m not sure which weekend we’ll want to go. It’s hard to choose! :D

    This storm probably won’t amount to much. When Rita hit right after Katrina hit New Orleans, I was terrified. Then it sorta whimpered out just before it struck — which was fine with me! But I had a lot of anxiety that week, and fear of losing my home. Not fun. This storm isn’t frightening, at this point. But it’s sure good to know there’s someone on dry land that offers refuge. :)


  3. Cool, I’m going to register now. :) I’ve been trying to get my blog together but I still have a ridiculous theme.

    I hope you guys are safe with the storm.

  4. @Aydira: I’m not sure I’m liking this theme, so I’m going to try to make my own. It’s gonna be a while before I can spend much time on it, though. Do you have a WP blog?

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