Rending the Veil Coming Soon

The Lughnasadh issue of Rending the Veil will go public on August 1. Here’s the content you’ll see:

  • “The Rapier’s Edge – An Interview with Donald Tyson” (interview by Sheta Kaey)
  • “Ocular Distortion,” a photography column this issue featuring an image by Gerald del Campo: “Ginkgo”
  • “A Magical View of Spirits and Evocation” by Patrick Dunn
  • “Pluto in Capricorn” by Annie Bones (part one of two)
  • “The Almanac Alternative,” a new almanac column with nifty dates of note, a collaboration between Caliedo and Sheta
  • “Beyond the Veil,” our fiction column. This issue we have “Menace to Society” by C.A. Broz
  • “Nontheistic Energy Work, Technique 1 – Super Green” by Caliedo
  • “Artistic Visions,” the art column. This issue we have an image by Jesse Lindsay: “Labyrinthine Path”
  • “Poetic Journeys,” the poetry column. This issue features a poem by Richard Bexborn, as yet untitled.
  • “News in Magick” with three stories: a new book release, a fundraiser, and a call for writers
  • “Into the Aethyr” Sheta’s column, not yet completed
  • “Lupa’s Den” Lupa’s column, this issue titled “Bambified Animal Totems”
  • “The Dictionary of Traditional Magick and Etherical Science” by Gerald del Campo, with a dozen words per issue featuring his amusing and informative commentary
  • Ebook Review: “Spirit Herbs”
  • Book Review: “Drumming at the Edge of Magic”
  • Book Review: “Eyes of Crow”
  • Book Review: “Spirit Animals and the Wheel of Life”
  • (All reviews this issue are by Lupa.)

The magazine should be moved by the time the Mabon issue is ready, and we will have a new forum at the new location (same url, different servers), and hopefully the galleries or at least the start of the galleries (finally!). We’ll also have brand new Rending the Veil merchandise to unveil (ha) at that time.

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