Time and Time Again

It’s very frustrating to have weird experiences with events repeating or particular bits of reality changing at random times and to have no idea how to research this. I have googled until I had a migraine on more than one occasion, without finding anything that wasn’t either fiction or completely out there (like sites on UFO abductions and Bigfoot). I don’t mean to dis UFO abductees or Bigfoot sighters, but I’d really like information that was more than speculation about something the writer heard via a very unreliable grapevine. I want to study physics in depth so I can study quantum physics and maybe learn something useful. I’m tired of going, “Wait, that place never existed before…” and wondering, in my new perspective, whether I simply overlooked it being built and aging or if something in reality shifted again.

I know how it sounds, okay?

This highway near me used to change so often at this one oft-used interchange (less than ten miles from my house) that I always steeled myself til I saw which way it was manifesting that trip. To fail to notice could be fatal, at this particular location, which no doubt is why I finally, after ten years of it, thought to question why this kept happening. The very day I described it in detail to someone who could validate it, the road went under construction and has stayed that way. Maddening? Just a bit.

And events repeating? This is not your mama’s déja vú. I feel like Bill Murray on a smaller scale. It would be so nice if I knew which events were most likely to show up again later so I could document them the first time, but unfortunately it’s not that easy. I’ve considered that maybe with all my astral work that I’m living them once there and then again here a few months later, but if I am then my mind makes no differentiation between the two. And if it’s that easy to explain, why are dead folks I interact with on astral never present in the events that repeat, as one would assume they would be if the first experience was an astral one?

I lack the vocabulary to come up with a good search string. Everything I find is either theoretical or completely useless. Surely I’m not the only person who has this sort of thing happen? I know that I used to dismiss these events as errors in memory, and in the case of the road, as random construction that just never happened to be visible when I went by that interchange. But a couple of very, very specific events that repeated exactly, and that no one remembered but me (and I remembered them very clearly, and without a dreamy sense of déja vú), changed my point of view on the entire spectrum. I don’t take for granted that it’s my error anymore.

The dichotomy of fascination and fear of insanity is most intriguing. lol.

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