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As per usual, my energy is scattered due to severe disorganization. I actually tend to be an organized person by nature, but I organize in spurts which are followed by a steadily gathering layer of chaos. My chaos has reached such a level that it’s interfering with my ability to manage my time efficiently, which in turn is interfering with my ability to get organized, and so forth. So I spend half my time following whatever distraction is waving at me, and the other half trying to recover. Which actually explains why this blog hasn’t seen much in the way of content lately. (You should see my Blogger if you think this is bad.) I’ve been really foggy lately, too (mentally).

I love this blog. It’s sort of home for me. I’ve reinstated my LiveJournal but this is my true blog home. I want to redo the layout in something other than love-gush, though I like many facets of this layout and so I may keep the bones of it. We’ll see. In any case, I don’t have time to mess with it right now. I am working to get the next issue of Rending the Veil ready, and we have to move the site, which is an ongoing effort (in spurts, as well). My Assistant Managing Editor and I are working on a Zazzle line of RTV products, plus I’ve got to write two articles and finish the graphics for an almanac for the next two months. A lot to do, and much due within ten days.

I spoke to Gerald (my Senior Managing Editor) on the phone last night regarding ideas for the zine and a new subtitle, but mostly we talked about medical stuff and griped about getting older. lol. Caliedo is the new Assistant Managing Editor, and she’s working her butt off for us, which is awesome. Our new web programmer, Jared, is also doing a fine job. We’re just very lucky to have so many good people volunteering.

I will be presenting an interview with Donald Tyson in the upcoming issue of RTV, and over the next few months I’ll be working with his Necronomicon system, along with a work partner experienced with evocation and familiar with the original Lovecraft works. After three to six months, we’ll be reviewing the system and posting a follow up interview with Don. I think it will be cool. The Llewellyn publicist loved the idea. :)

Meridjet is around off and on, but still not very strong. He has told people that it’s not yet time to get back to work, but that it will be “soon.” “Soon” can mean anything, really, but we’ll see. He’s never come in gradually like this before, so it’s a bit different.

I’ll be around.

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  1. Once I finish up with the madness of applying to grad school and come back from my Chicago trip I need to clean up and organize in general (which I love doing), and also figure out where to go with the spirit work for the fall.

    Right now though, I’d just take being able to sleep through the night (which I do) and wake up feeling refreshed (which I have not in weeks).

  2. I have been having sleep issues as well. Very frustrating, but not unusual. I either sleep hard and am groggy all day, or I am restless and fitful in sleep and exhausted all day. Bah humbug!

    When are you going to Chicago? I have a friend or two there.

    I like organizing, too, but I hate getting so far behind! :P

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